The Mythic Dungeon International 2024 Begins February 16!

The Mythic Dungeon International 2024 Begins February 16!

Don’t miss the fastest speed runs from the top World of Warcraft® teams as the MDI returns in Season 3.

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Sorry, I have to return videotapes on that day.


We all know what this means. Every +15 key will start doing stupid pulls because they are pro

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I also really wanted to watch this but unfortunately I have to deliver some sand to Sahara on this day. Very unfortunate and sad.


It’s ok.

We don’t give a sheet about which team running Mage, Evoker, Priest, Paladin, Demon Hunter does it.

We’ve seen it for a whole year now, nobody cares.

But look on the bright side, atleast I found out that SimCity 3000 is actually a more balanced game.

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Good luck to all the team competing :+1:

Congrats Echo for the victory!!! Well deserved! GG. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

ths format is boring and the key levels are too low.
would be also great if classes could be banned to throw in some fun.
games are way to predictable and the players are so good that there are rarely screwvups that makes it exciting which means you know already who is the fastest team as they always find some kind of exploit… e.g. dh double jump travel mount to get to endboss faster…

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I think i would rather watch Taylor Swift in concert 24/7 than watch MDI


It’s like watching F1 but only the qualifiers. There’s no improvisation or variety and it doesn’t really feel like a competition.
The participants know exactly what to prepare for, so they feel compelled to spend weeks doing practice runs and scanning every pixel of each dungeon.

I’d just throw them into a +40 and the winner is whoever finishes it first.

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Oof. Harsh.

it would be cool if there was a rule that you are not allowed to compete if you´re using addons for this, and in raid racing. now that might be worth watching for hardcore wow viewers.

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Actually yes, this. Bone stock install or get out.

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Ngl the arena matches are more exciting to watch then MDI ones and i dont like pvp that much .

yes that is the main issue.
Why no design MDI affixes or make dungeon changes just for MDI e.g. different trash, different bosses, different mechanics that are not on tournament realm for practice available.
Repetition practice makes the esport extremely predictable and unfun to watch. You have to throw some curveballs to make it fun or the outcome is always the same.
Even if echo won’t win, it is still more or less the same.

Hmmm :thinking: I guess everybody saw that coming… I wrote it as a joke but…
… is it really fun when one team wins all the time? It really kills that little mood people already have for this competition I think.

Not a good way to increase views.

I also feel that the key levels are too low. Nearly all runs were without healers, so my initial thought was that this just demonstrates that off-healing abilities are too strong, but it’s probably really just the key level.

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Even if I felt it’s a problem that the team that plays the best keeps winning, what do you want Blizzard to do about it? You think MDI would be more popular if Echo were handicapped by having an automatic extra 30 seconds on their timers?

Yeah, they are too low for this season, but there were more healer runs than no healer runs.

And, notably to both of you, Echo lost Galakrond’s Fall in the quarter finals, playing 4 DPS against dawgs’ traditional 1/1/3. Even when a team decided to play no healer, it wasn’t automatically the right choice.

Imagine if they made it such that the competition set a predetermined composition of classes set for the runs… even unorthodox ones, instead of running with “fotm” ones.

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usually to tackle this problem is to provide a fair playground.

they are amazing players, no doubt. But it is hard to say whether they are the best or even best team in this environment.

They work for an esport oganization and are sponsored to play 24/7 while many other contestants are not. it is also not only about money, but i assume they have a lot of background support figuring out exploits, shortcuts or generally best routes with them together.

league had something similar until they had enough organization and riot themselves gave those players a salary to make competition fair.

hard to do something for blizzard in this small esport event true.
What they could do is to break the repition and scripted nature of the event by changing everything randomly and make players adapt on the fly instead of following their 200 weakauras and dbm.

then see who comes out on top, which very well could still be echo.

mainly because in boss heavy dungeons a resto druid can be counted as a 4th dps basically