The nerf of crafted items

Why does Blizzard think it’s a good idea to nerf the crafted items, just because everyone wants to wear them?
They’re good, and they’re expensive to make, not everyone wants to raid, so what’s the problem?
I came into dragonflight late, and i’m still working through my points in many crafts. Can’t see the point to keep going though.
Surely that’s a kick in the face for the crafters, who spend their gold and time to skill up, then possibly paying for the patterns, or grinding for them.
Why would crafters even bother anymore if the high end items just get nerfed because blizzard wants players to wear other items and not just crafted.
That’s the whole point of crafted items, right?

Tbh, crafted items were just too good. We are getting mythic raid level gear while playing only M+16 and imo +16 is far behind mythic raiding.
So there is really no need to raid mythic to get mythic gear.
This season players geared very fast thanks to both too good crafted gear and too easy raids and that is why Blizzard is slowing it down.

And this change actually make sense, crafters complain just because they see their earnings are going to sink. This change was needed tbh. Crafted items are too powerfull.

Thats got to be the most asinine comment yet.

Go level a new crafting profession, do it right now, tell me you can max out various bits of gear next week. Here is a hint you cant, because its got a talent point sink on top of a time gated sink, on top of a needing specific crafting gear sink.

Crafting is a huge time investment + getting lucky with certain drops that wait for it “ONLY DROP IN RAID” or are very rare world drops.

Most crafters are lucky to break even given all the costs leveling their profession since start of dragonflight.

What people are unhappy about and rightly so is the stupid nerf bat being swung for literarly no reason what so ever. Other than some silly excuse from blizzards end about too many using a specific item.

They designed the item, if it was never supposed to be that good then dont put it in the game in the 1st place and stop cheapening everyones time spent getting said item.

Its already bad enough that we have to re-grind gear over and over again with new curencies every new season, please for the love of god, fire which ever muppet keeps coming up with reasons for people to just say sod it and quit the game.

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Well its a time sink yes but i can tell u a few names who made BILLIONS of GOLD of 1 certain piece of CRAFTED GEAR named Elemental Lariat in Season 1 and THAT is just 1 ITEM. I am not saying that blizzard themselves didnt created the problem they did tbh. But u CANNOT deny that those items aren too Powerfull atm. This change is actually a great change because how it is now i can gear up a character brand new one in just 2 days not a problem immo.

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That only means they didnt totally understood crafting or dont have time for it.
Also, we dont know if it is most or just a few who didnt break even, that is just speculation.

Yea keep making things up in your head mate.

No one fully understood the new crafting system when it launched due to all the silly wordage and ways you had to max out 1 bit of gear.

By all means go create a proper survey and find out if every single crafter is sitting there making millions, heres a tip, 99% are not.

It is not me who is making things up like “99%”.

No lets be clear, you do not have the numbers to backup that every crafter out there was making insane amounts of gold on crafting.

You decided to chip in with the “they didnt totally understood crafting” comment in support of all crafters supposedly just rolling in gold, when they are in fact not.

Many crafters couldnt craft rank3 stuff and had to actually pay for stuff on AH or to other crafters.

Your sidekick Himmler is also delusional with the statement “a few names who made BILLIONS of GOLD”

The gold cap on current wow per character is 10 million, you would need to make 100 alts to even hit 1 billion.

So please if your going to make silly comments at least know what you are talking about first.

p.s. The only people making insane amounts of gold are those exploiting known bugs within the game to farm endless mob drops, its also one of the reasons some trade features were messed up for a short while after one of the patchs.

Exactly, I dont have numbers nor did I mention them, it was you who were mentioning “99%” and “most” crafters.

I did wrote that and also added “or dont have time for it”.
Noone knows facts, neither you nor me. All we know are anegdotal stories - yours are that “most didnt break even”, mine is that we dont know, but some dedicated really made good gold.

I cant confirm that for sure, but some people bragged about that. Is it true, I cant say and dont care tbh.

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