The New Arena Rank Clarification (Gladiator and Elite Rank)

Just wanted to create this topic to quickly explain the new “Elite” rank, which replaced the “Gladiator” rank.

The moment you hit 2400 rating (speaking for arena here), you will get placed into the “Elite” bracket, get the new “Elite: Battle for Azeroth Season X” achievement, and also “the Elite” title (before 8.1 changes the rank’s name was Gladiator).

In order to get “Gladiator” title and mount, you will need to win 50 games while placed at the “Elite” bracket (2400 rating and above) in 3v3.

I see that this issue was confusing a lot of players, so I quickly wanted to explain it. Hope it helps, and good luck !

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Why was this necessary? Makes no sense at all. Just make 2,4 Elite and 2,7 or 2,8 Gladiator.

Also, are you able to get the Elite title in 2s?

Thanks for the clarification though.


I must admit it came as a surprise when I logged in and saw it. I agree with you.

The “Gladiator” requirement should definitely be revisited.

I remember that a lot of people got confused about the fact that the 2.4k rank was called Gladiator, but you didn’t get Gladiator simply by reaching the rank. All the previous titles were awarded immediately, so I can’t blame people for the confusion. Not only that, but you can only get it by playing 3s, which was weird since the 2s rank was also called Gladiator.

I reckon they just wanted to clear things up and make it obvious that the Gladiator title works differently from the other titles. This is probably why they thought it made sense to change the name to “Elite” now that there actually is a title “the elite …” that works exactly like the previous titles

Also, since the title “Gladiator” is no longer tied to the 2400 rank in any way, it kind of allows Blizzard to easily change the requirement if they wish. They could up the requirement to like 2700 and it would still make sense.

I don’t actually know if this is why they changed it, I’m just trying to understand their reasoning (so I could be wrong of course)

To answer your question, yeah, you can get it from 2s as well as 3s

i think this is just a step to the next season so they might add gladiator at 2.7, 50 wins over 2,7 or just normal like always? but they cant change it during a season ofc

Do you know how they translated Elite in to Russian? Veteran. WTF! So now I have a title “Korarin, paladin-veteran”. Just retarded title I have to say :smiley:
Why the hell they translated foreign words that already exists in Russian to smth retarded?! We have the word “Elite” too, which should be pronounced like “Ælita”

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are you sure you get elite thing at 2400? I saw a monk in a random bg with the elite monk title, but from his armory I see he only has 2000 in 3s and 2200 in 2s

maybe he dropped rating?

no, he doesn’t have 2.4 achievement

there is no 2400 2vs2 achievement in the game

ah ok, didn’t know that :smiley:

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