The new BGB seasonal Title doesn't cut it

Here’s a look at the new titles for BGB. The r1 titles sound nice but the Legend/Gladiator equivalent is called Strategist, which imo doesn’t hold up to the others. Legend was previously called Soloist, which was changed due to how bad it sounds and the same needs to happen with Strategist.
Imo the best option would be Hero and for the 0.1% “Seasonal” Hero like Crimson Hero or Verdant Hero inspired from the Hero of the Alliance/Horde titles.

  • Gladiator - Crimson Gladiator
  • Legend - Crimson Legend
  • Hero - Crimson Hero

These sound great, Strategist doesn’t hold up to it

think we should just be happy we’re getting something if you consider rbgs has had the same re-used titles for 14 years? there’s been many arguements already that the ‘hero’ title should’ve been used for rbgs long ago, but it ended up going to PvE for M+ and I doubt they’ll re-use it again in PvP to avoid confusion.

‘Strategist’ isn’t so bad though
I kinda like it and it suits the bg theme in a way, since its more of a team effort & strategy? rather than a gladiator death match in arena.

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I think the old titles are a nice addition to the regular ranked titles like Challenger, Rival, Duelist and so on. These will definitely motivate me to play on a character where i don’t have them yet.
I’m glad we get something in addition, but imo it could be a bit better. I mean if you earn Strategist with 2400 rating you would also have the r14 titles or elite which are much more menacing, even r10 onwards

Strategist is a good title reward for just winning 100 rounds of rated blitz on any rating Imo, like soloist.
As a title for elite players, it’s pretty underwhelming. I hope they come up with something else.

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I doubt que will even come up at 2400 rating.