The new fish form. 🐡

It looked bigger in the picture…

it looks more like a goldfish :tropical_fish: i would say the shop mount is like 1.5-2x the size.

Wow got to raid on my druid. Dreaming Nae’Dra Druid Form Need only the second boss down. :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: How did I miss this new form.

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