The new Frost DK tier set is terrible, especially for PvP


  • (2) Set Bonus: Howling Blast and Frost Fever damage increased by 10%. Your Rime-empowered Howling Blasts reduce the cooldown of Frostwyrm’s Fury by 2 seconds.
  • (4) Set Bonus: After consuming Rime 15 times you call down Frostwyrm’s Fury on your target at 100% effectiveness.

Currently, Frost DKs in PvP play around their 1 min go, and every 2nd go they are able to use Abomination’s Limb and Frostwyrm’s Fury. Outside of your 1 min go, you’re completely useless and using any form of offensive CDs outside your 1 min go is straight up trolling.

For the 2-set tier bonus to be effective and useful in PvP, you need to use 15 Rime procced Howling Blasts before your next 1 min go is up. (To reduce your Frostwyrm’s Fury CD from 1,5 min to 1 min.)
This is honestly not possible and the 2-set bonus will be completely useless in most cases. It would force you to delay your 2nd go, which is one of the worst things you can do, especially in Solo Shuffle where games are usually over in <40 seconds. For this 2-set bonus to be good, it would need to at least reduce your Frostwyrm’s Fury’s CD with 3 seconds instead of 2 seconds, if not more.

And somehow the 4-set tier bonus is even worse. Not only does Frostwyrm’s Fury have a nearly 80% PvP reduction modifier, which makes it hit for a measly 15-20k. What if it stuns too? You wanna put everyone on the enemy team on Stun DR because of a 3 second random useless stun, that brings nothing outside of your burst? It is already the worst AoE stun in the game, please don’t make it worse.

I really don’t get this tier set bonus. Combining the loss of the current tier set bonus and the coming up critical strike damage reduction change, I think Frost DK will be in an even worse spot than they’re now.

Really feels like Blizzard has no idea what to do with Frost DK. It seems like this is some sort of band aid to make Frost DKs better in M+, but imagine all the random pulls the 4-set bonus will cause and wipe the whole group.

(Also, 1H Frost DK doesn’t even play Frostwyrm’s fury in PvP. So they’re basically killing the only other spec/playstyle of Frost DK)


It would be ok if wyrm dmg is buffed for minimum 500% and lower to 10stacks.
1.5min cd to do 15k dmg is pathetic.
They are not that much dump to keep it like this or they are?

Didn’t even know the bonus were released yet to see! Have you got a link for them?

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Poggers thanks. I did some digging and found it! Quite like the look of the UH set (pve wise) could also lead to some big damage PvP wise if used properly!

Wyrm every 5 Rime would be ok.
Change Wyrm effect to Ancient Drake Breath (anima power that deal damage to all nearby enemies) would be great.
They are have much templates in anima power to do spec better.

My suggestion for a new set bonus:

  • (2) Set Bonus: Hunter’s nameplate no longer disappears when they use Feign Death.
  • (4) Set Bonus: You’re immune to disarms during your Pillar of Frost.

Agreed. Even on the PvE side of things, the set is really weird, it benefits more for BoS and way less for Obliteration since we prioritise FS > Rime. If anything, the set is just going to put more headlights on the FDK spec as it is. The dev team really need to have another look at the set and on Frostwyrm’s Fury.

IMO, the change I’d make are:

  • Unnerf FWF, less damage past 5 targets in PvP.
  • Remove Shattering Blade and replace the talent that allows Frost Strike to benefit from Rime
    Now the set and the spec would look and feel way better.

joke tire set for frost in pvp and pve. dead speck even more dead

Atleast i can get 1800 i belive, 2400 no way with crit nerf and stuff.

I belive pump frost strikes with shattering is the way to go.

Im afraid ur never going to escape that, blizzard want BoS used in meta builds always.

Tbh it will do amazing for aoe, so it might be good for m+

Agreed. It will be great for PvE, but not as good for PvP.

We need PvP sets with set bonuses specifically made for PvP. +Vers on 2 set and a unique 4 set bonus that’s great for PvP (Like disarm immunity during PoF)


This season’s tier set has been really good for Oblit builds. Honestly if FDK gets a rework, the tier set bonuses should be a part of the rework.


It’s a really good set for both playstyles. The only downside in PvP is mainly how random it can feel. Sometimes i will utterly annihilate someone with procs during a perfect PoF window, and it doesn’t feels as i earned that win.

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