The Nine Realms - Frostwhisper [H] - Recruiting

Hello everyone, The Nine Realms - Frostwhisper [H] are recruiting!
- Mythic+: Weekly for loot & high keystone team
- Raiding: Currently forming our roster and focusing on clearing Normal and Heroic. We are not hardcore CE. (Tuesday/Thuesday 8PM ST)

What you can expected from us:

  • We encourage and coach our members with their specs
  • We help people gear up with Mythic+
  • Social and active on discord
  • Open to suggestions
  • Banter

What we need from our members:

  • Like minded casual raiders to join our dad guild.
  • Be open minded to criticisms and suggestions.
  • A willing attitude to change and adapt if needed.
  • Engage in the social guild atmosphere.

Suggestions are always open for more social events and such (We’ve got a very organized discord server to chat, send memes and group up for events etc.)

Anyone that wants to progress but also wants to have fun is very welcome to join us.
You can contact any officer for an invite or for any questions that you have, cheers!
Battletag: => Character name:
Vamp#2426 => Helyja-Frostwhisper - Guild Master
Biffa#21828 => Tingping-Frostwhisper - Officer

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