The Nokhud Offensive: WARNING [BUG]

Avoid The Nokhud Offensive m+ until they fixed bug. It is very serious bug when you fly and you get dc insant. I had to use stuck character service again since I was stucked in Court of Stars last night and now The Nokhud Offensive. It happens sevreral times and we could do in time +18.

This is UNACCEPTABLE! As I said Dragonflight is FULL OF BUGS!!! UNBELIEVABLE!

I just timed one…

it’s a buggy anti cheat mechanism. Relog if possible. Or if you are stuck in a dc loop, log into another character and back again on the bugged. That usually fix it for me.

The disconnect is related to dragonriding, not the instance.

My NO keys are bugged aswell.
Keep whiping on first trash pull.
Avoid key untill fixed!


It is not only dragonriding. Some had problem like me.

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