The Phoenix Reborn is Recruiting!

(Saiho) #1
Hello Aggramartians and Hellscreamers!

The Phoenix Reborn is a semi-casual Alliance guild on Aggramar EU that has been around in some form since Vanilla release day. Many members are ex-hardcore raiders who now just want to relax and have fun in raids and/or have RL commitments and families.

Our focus is on progressing through end-game content in a fun and relaxed way. We raid twice a week, go dungeon crawling together, complete quests and achievements and even have parties!

We have just completed Uldir Heroic and are now looking for a few more players for our team as we continue through BfA.
We like to have fun while we raid and don't mind a few wipes - we all make mistakes and we're all learning! We're a team and a family and we help and encourage each other to improve. With a little luck, a little perseverance and the right attitude we progress through raids while having a good time!

We currently raid:
Thursday: 21:00 - 23:00
Sunday: 20:30 - 22:30

We also sometimes have an optional third night for dungeons/extra content/alt raids :)

We would currently like to hear from dps classes (or healers/tanks who can dps when needed)

If The Phoenix Reborn sounds like a good fit for you please reply to this post or add Dorjie#2497, Saiho#21655 or Slayyerr#2387 on b-net for a chat.

We now also have a discord channel for recruitment so leave us a message on there and we'll get back to you asap

Thanks for reading, we hope to hear from you soon! :D