The Plague's Smell

It could very well be I have run across quests or bits of lore that deal with what the Plague smells like and maybe even describe it but if I did I must have forgotten about it.

So what would the Plague smell like? I can on the one hand imagine something similar to rotten eggs, and almost explosive smell that makes you want to throw up.
On the other hand I can imagine an overly sweet smell, like you’d get with rotting leaves and overripe fruit.

We also know that the Plague can linger in an area. Would the smell of it too? Or would that fade away long before the Plague is cleansed from an area. What do you guys think?

I have to bump that thread, it’s the best thing i’ve read in years.


I dunno really, if you can smell the plague I doubt you’ll live long enough to tell the tale.

I know there are a lot fetishes out there but… really?

I think the plague smells like my :poop:

well I was more thinking along the lines of an apothecary character that works with all kinds of chemicals all day possibly producing the plague but well, it’s your mind that first went there

probably something like sylvanas’ armpits

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