The Race to World first in the Sepulcher of the First Ones has Begun!

The Race to World first in the Sepulcher of the First Ones has Begun!

The race to see who can end the Jailer’s plans to reshape reality within the Sepulcher of the First Ones begins this week. The best of the best will ultimately face a series of challenges within this mysterious heart of the Shadowlands to see who will cross the finish line to claim World First!

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ACtually, really, don’t care about this.

These World First races are really what has killed this game.


The community created it.


It was fun to begin with sure. We were racing for server firsts back in TBC…

But now they even keep a track of how much Gold Guilds will spend to try and get their World Firsts. i.e. more gold spent = more WoWTokens sold. It’s all money for Blizz. That’s it.


But literally Blizz just promotes it, the rest is organised amongst themselves. You’re literally saying the community killed this game.

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That’s not what I’m saying at all.

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These World First races are what killed this game

The races were made and maintained by the community

I mean, come on.


Blizz designs the raids around them.

Why do you think Shadowlands was such a complicated mess of systems that involved too much grinding. I.e. Legendaries are a prime example.

It’s all designed to sell WoWTokens. Whether its run by the community or not, Blizzard designs the game to capitalise from it.

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I see someone has been watching youtube videos.

No, not me.

I have said this since the start of SL, when I realised that if it wasn’t for the Pandemic I would never have had the time to be crafting my own legendaries because it was just far too much work. Hence why myself and many others sell them for so much on AH.

Not someone elses opinion, I very much came to this realisation myself.

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Breaking News- DILLIGAF??

Strange… but i can’t access Mythic Sepulcher.

Should i file a bug?

The Race to World first in the Sepulcher of the First Ones has Begun… for North America

true, one reason as you said in you other post also, to many systems, this has directly impacted the gameplay, where nothing in how the game works has changed, nothing new at all in shadowlands exept systems up on systems that doesnt work at all, but actualy gameplay is the same, quests, dailies more dailies, but nothing new at all.

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Strangely enough, unless wowprogress wasn’t updated yet, no guild has killed any mythic bosses yet.

Hey, there was a time when I was top of the game. Back in those days there was just 1 raid difficulty. All I needed to do was turned up with Flasks and Buff Food and having read the tactics in advance.

Now, it’s a completely different mess, and I just don’t want to get involved in raiding anymore because of it.


aggree, we have to many difficult levels for an raid to begin with, there realy is no need for 4 difficult levels, but it is made to be a time sink and not much else realy

Still it’s weird to call it a race when you let some people start early.

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i hope there is mythic cinematic with more info

NA has always needed a headstart, and they still don’t get world first sometimes.

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