The races of Azeroth and biology

I find it interesting to think about how the different races in WoW differ biologically.

Perhaps a gnome is pregnant for a much shorter time than, say, a tauren, who is much larger? Maybe a draenei is pregnant for longer than 9 months since they are so long lived?

I also have a headcanon that draenei and night elves see colours differently than humans because of their unique looking eyes. They might even be able to see ultraviolet light, or perceive fewer or more colours than we do.

So, this thread is basically for headcanons or theories you have regarding this topic.


Could drop it in here instead

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What Elenthas said. There’s plenty of biology headcanon in that thread and if you have more it is welcome!

Two genders, one world.

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I made a thing about orcs a while back in the headcanon thread with sources to match

Generally, the larger the animal, the longer the gestation period, which makes sense. I’ve just always assumed that the larger humanoid races have maybe 10 or 11 months gestation.

I remember when I used to do a lot of medic RP, the lack of official lore about the physiology of Azeroth’s races frustrated me.

Though, I think I remember once having a discussion with someone about a headcanon that, because draenei have blue blood, maybe they have more copper in their blood than iron, like octuposus. This would mean they’d be more versatile in more toxic or high pressure environments, but need more oxygen.

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