The raptari pranking world quest

(Hínáta) #1

Don’t you think that world quest is weird?

I mean it happens as a prank between two rival sub factions yet you kill those druids when they get angry over you defiling their shrines?

I mean you don’t usually prank your allies then gleefully murder some of them in the midst of their brethren without anyone reacting and the next day they’re all like hey Hero can you walk our raptors abit? maybe gather some bug dung? no? okay go feed some hatchlings over there.

(Alexima) #2

you’re pranking them. so they attack you with the intention of killing you.

Kind of a justified killing to be honest. Specially since we killed people for way less than that in this game.

(Hínáta) #3

You don’t attack the savior of your nation, an honor guest for your king and the equivalent to an ambassador to a world wide national super power because he pranked you.

And at the same time, you don’t kill some angry troll in the nation that you are trying to recruit after you prank them!

(Someoneelse) #4

Mechanically you kill them but some kill quests in Wow are defeats.

Besides… troll druids… death to the pretenders. It’s Cenarius’ will.

(Hínáta) #5

There are unconscious, and other status for " defeated " npcs, this one explicity says dead. I find it weird tbh.

(Punyelf) #6

I find that quest odd. Both ways. Riling both factions to the point they attack.

It would have made more sense to beat them but not to death, like when you duel someone

(Kâî) #7

Well you guys are the Horde… doesn’t surprise me. :wink:

(Hínáta) #8

Said the people who walled themselves in and let their allies die, but when things got bad for you guys you quickly got on your knees and begged back in.

(Kâî) #9

Well, technically we didn’t come to the Night Elves, they came to us to fix their mistake. :stuck_out_tongue: So technically we are in the Alliance again because Night Elves. :ok_hand:

(Arctur) #10

You realize that Quel’thalas did the same exact thing after the Second War, right?

(Hínáta) #11

That’s because humans are douches, we don’t like them. look how you’re sticking ur noses in horde business and changing their subjects! :boom:

(Arctur) #12

Ok dude, and I guess that elves, the most smug and self-entitled race in literally every high fantasy settings, are not douches.

(Hínáta) #13

We are fabulous, a huge difference. One is likeable and the other is extremely hated.


Gnomes rule!!!

Runs away quickly to avoid being punted

(Hínáta) #15

(Uldurin) #16

Yeah they like making us do questionable things :thinking:

What’s next? Make us kill the baby turtles and not help them get to the water hah?
Oh wait…

(Someoneelse) #17

I was wondering if you just left them that RNGesus would mean that eventually you’d get all twelve.

(Alewin) #18

It would be nice if they surrendered once you got them below 10%. There are reasons to die fighting, but someone turning your idol upside down for a giggle isn’t one of them. Once the priests have failed to put the shoe in, they should just back off.

That, or change the bodies to read “unconscious”. Nothing changes but the RP.

(Personally I’d like a game-option to do that for all humanoids that don’t actually need to die for plot reasons. Beating them unconscious, looting them, and leaving them naked in the wheatfield is punishment enough. It would also explain why there are infinite thugs in low zones - it’s just ten guys that keep getting back up for more.)


Please tell me that quest is not real :frowning: We need to protect the :turtle: at all costs…

(Uldurin) #20

I will refuse to do that quest lol