The real problem of dps players in shuffle

is that even with the insane lack of healers, you treat them like dirt

even IF it was the healers fault ( which is of course only your very intellectual opinion ) how hard can it be to just suck it up and dont say anything? you know these people that queue healers play so YOU as a dps can have fun in shuffle while they experience nothing but misery

i play healer solely to quickly farm conquest tokens for dps alts and it is the most miserable experience ive ever had in wow

and i genuinely dont want to tryhard healing someone who calls me a retard or whatever the round before because i MAYBE made a mistake while i m doing 150k hps while they stop 0 cc
my point is: you deserve much longer queues than 30 minutes cause apparently you cant learn how to treat people properly


You should not talk too much. Healers are busted right now. All healers have 5-7 different big CDs to survive and for their team for a long, long time.

What needs to happen is we need faster games. People are tired after long day of work and when they come home, No one wants to play a match for 15 min deep into damp.

Damp needs to be reworked. Start at 66% of damp and quickly to 100% over the first 5 min. All arenas. All RBG/BGs. wPvP aswell. We are tired of healers being OP.

To be honest all healers should get a HARD nerf. And the first ones to get the hammer. Not dh arms sub uh etc… Healers are too OP and you know it.

i dont even know what to reply to someone who apparently has less than 0 brain cells


New idea:
Upon entering combat, players specialized as Healer will immediately receive Dampening Debuff. Players healed by them will too be affected. Starts at 66% and increases by 1% every 5 second. Debuff shall remain until death.
Works in Arena, BG/RBG/wPvP.

Blizzard please do something.

It works both ways like, speaking as someone who runs the joys of both roles. I’ve had a good amount of abuse either way.


There is actually a healthy amount of healers playing. There are MORE healers than ranged playing currently.
The issue is, there are WAY too many melees playing. And everybody knows why. And no, its not because animations or whatever some delusional ppl on here think.

I agree with you that melees are overrepresented, simply because the playstyle is OP.

However, I have seen healers tank 3 melees for many minutes until they oom, which gives me the impression that they are Gods. More OP than melees.

Its like this in Overpoweredness: Healers → Melee → Ranged → Hunters

Anyway blizz poops on Ranged more often, hunters even more. Atleast Ranged has true defenses coupled with selfheals, which hunter dont have. Camo is useless as we cant restealth because Blizztard nerfed Feign Death dots removal.

Hunter is squisher than a mage currently LMAO. Before mages were my first target, now Hunters are my first target whenever I see them wPvP BGs and Arena. They die faster than mages. I kill them faster than Mages, even. Its insane that blizz has forgotten this class.

Hunter has lowest rep everywhere. Blizz has to reduce all our CDs by 50% RIGHT NOW while they rework all our 3 specs. MM is bottom of all 3 hunter specs currently. playstyle is incredibly clunky when you Aimed shot and get 2 buffed arcane shots you cant even use those buffed arcane shot because MM struggle with focus starving.

This is a gameplay design decision. How are healers supposed to heal 3 others or even more than 3 when they cant even keep themselves alive for a period of time. If Blizzard would change that, and a single dps could kill a healer in no time, NOBODY would play a healer anymore because you cant execute your job/role correctly anymore.

To change this situation, we would need a complete overhaul of the entire system.


I had guardian spirit up on someone getting bursted by 2 DHs. I ray of hoped him as well.


That’s not surviving for a long, long time. Damage needs to go down in PvP.


I have a simple solution for you. Sit and listen: Get better and keep learning.

How do you “get better” against that kind of damage?

Do you know what ray of hope does? It increases healing by +50% on the target and delays the damage/healing until it ends. Guardian spirit is another additional +60% and heals them for 40% when it procs.

If I’m in apotheosis and they’re not stopping me from recharging my serenity quickly, they shouldn’t be able to kill someone through ray of hope + GS and proccing guardian spirit and killing them after it procs before I have another GCD ready. I just committed 3 CDs and they just kill someone through them without even trying to stop me. People shouldn’t be going negative ray of hope when I just committed 3 CDs to keep them alive and I’m not getting stopped.

dont reply to this guy, its an obvious troll or he has never played the game before these takes are so stupid its beyond me


I think damage needs to be reduced across the board (and you could have increased dampening for top brackets + tournaments if that is a problem for R1 players).

People who want things to explode on the first hit should probably go play Diablo or some other ARPG.


How am I being a troll for having my own opinions? My thinking patterns are very different from the herd masses. And I am proud of it. I have stated many true facts here and also some new ideas that other people have never come up with before. What have you contributed?

Yes, you said your 1300 rating is higher then mine. It’s something very true, not something an Insane person or a troll would say. You are a very good player, everyone here sees this, your ideeas are amazing.

you healers thinking too much of yourself. I hope devs will do same system as swtor had for it’s ranked - dps vs dps if there are no healers or healer/dps vs healers/dps if there are healers in queue. In this case we will finally get rid of healers game sabotage. Healers are always less preferable role to play and now we see healers acting like they should have some preferences! Lol no they should not


You are right. You have good logic sense I like it.

For example in 10v10 match in a BG if 1 team has 1 healer and the other team has none the team with no healer would end up getting Graveyard Massacred. It just further proves how OP healers are and are able to save a whole team while the other team gets camped only because of 1 healer.

1 healer made the whole team win and gave them free win. Its INSANE how OP they are. On top of 66% dampening, all their healing abilities need 50% reduced in PvP.

It isn’t an opinion if it’s true. If you understand how the game works, you can know exactly why somebody died. Greeding / not pressing cds for someone who is about to die and has nothing to press is the healer’s fault. Tanking 10 kicks in a row from range is the healer’s fault. There’s other things too. These are not situations where the DPS can compensate these mistakes.

No, they play to gear, push rating and get achievements for themselves.

This is true. Toxic idiot dps players should get reported and get what they deserve - a ban. But the same goes for toxic healer players.

Doesn’t matter what your point is. People rage to anything. Including healers. When you’re vs 2 melees and you lose the game and your Hpal is holding his 2 Bops for next expansion, it’s a little hard to not get frustrated. Or when a mistweaver trinkets literally nothing, then loses because he never used cocoon.

A bad player doesn’t have a role Dps heal or tank, a bad player is a bad player

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congrats you missed the whole point i m trying to convey, but i expect no less from a dh class enjoyer

Don’t think I missed anything