The real question is: does blizzard have any plan to fix the server H:A ratio unbalance?

I believe everybody here knows about the realm being dominated by the horde with a little unhealthy balance from the very begining. This became a bigger problem with phase 2 where wpvp made the server a lot worse for alliance having to corpse walk all day long by horde with the bigger numbers. To address this problem blizzard decided to release battlegrounds earlier, which I believe is a good thing for the community of course.

On december 4th, alliances guilds with highest influence on the server just decided to transfer suddently just before the deadline of the free transfer service ending. It created a snowball effect where almost every guilds left on the server also transfering. I just don’t understand how blizzard let this happen to be honest? How can you let the faction with least population leave their server freely, this is just the opposite way of balancing things out! Of course when you are the minority and you can flip the table you will grab this opportunity, why wouldn’t you?

Then the snowball effect continued, with a very considerable amount of horde guild transfering also. I’m not giving any numbers here because I have no way to prove them but data I’ve seen today is very alarming, also played the game all day, It’s very easy to say ‘‘dead server’’ out loud now. There is almost no hope to see the realm survive such a big exile and the ratio H:A is at the worst it can possibly be. The very few remaining allies on the server will soon stop to play the game not able to accomplish anything as an mmo game isn’t just a rpg, you need a community to enjoy the game.

So In just a day or 2 the server went from a high active population to a ‘‘soon to be dead’’ population. All this was cause in the first place by the free character service been available to everybody on a high populated server for who knows how long.

Before anybody ask the question Dread guild took the very hard decision after hours of debate and consulting his members to remain on the server as we didn’t want to leave behind a good amount of people because of the time frame been too short notice. Most of us, we chose to be on a high population server from the launch day to have a good and healty competition on Flamelash and it was something we believe blizzard was going to offer and try to maintain as much as possible.

This is very disappointing and all we can hope is a solution from blizzard to fix their own mistake of letting the community throw the towel on the server and go for the easy solution offered to them. then what If you miss the boat? What’s can you do about it?

I don’t think it is just a feeling but blizzard end up releasing just a little too many servers and if they want the community to still play in the long term. I cannot stress this enough but we need something and as soon as possible.

I believe the best scenario would be to merge some low population servers together while as much as possible try to balance them with a healty ratio of horde vs alliance. And please don’t say that cross realm battleground will fix the ratio. Those don’t have any influence on the honor calculation, the economy, world pvp, AQ war effort, world boss and much more.

If not then maybe paid transfer could also be a viable solution with a certain amount of rules, etc. Nontheless the situation is critical. Please blizzard we are counting on you to listen again to your dear community and address this issue.

Thank you


While I do think it’s alarming, I wouldn’t call Flamelash Horde side dead by any means yet. Alliance side is dead and there is no real way to revive it without server mergers. Opening transfers from other servers to Flamelash will not solve anything as no one in their right mind will transfer here now. 3-4 weeks ago? Yes. Back then the ratio A:H was much healthier. But today I believe that solution is permanently closed.

I’m glad that you guys in Dread decided to stay even after Seven, CTF, Ghoul etc. left. I look forward seeing you guys around! Lets hope Blizzard notices and takes action sooner rather than later…

I’ve had snotty responses from GM’s about “missing the deadline”.
Some of us arent avaliable to play every day and keep in the loop with the forums.

Ive already unsubbed
If there is not something put in place to fix this by the 10th i’m out and i’m demanding a refund, this is a joke.

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Tainted Asylum are also staying.

We did lose a couple of people to this snowball effect caused by a late reddit post.

One mage in our guild that took a Staff of Dominance and got his 3 set litterally the day before decided he should leave because “i need to world PvP” (even though roaming solo I almost doubled his honor).

This type of knee jerk reaction killed the server faster than i have ever seen a server die and blizzard have a responsibility to its paying customers to not allow this type of thing to happen when its easily avoidable (restrict alliance transfer, close down transfers before pvp comes, keep an eye on ACTIVE players and dont show HIGH pop when its not really HIGH pop.)

I hope they (Blizzard) do something to help the situation.

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