The reason our defensives don't do anything except prevent CC is that we used to selfheal

For the DK class developers, since u weren’t around since before shadowlands:

The reason DK was tuned to have the defensive cooldowns of 30% dmg reduc (regular wall) on 2 min cd, 300k absorb (2 ice lances) on 40 sec cd, and another 20% magic wall on 2 min is that two of them helped us avoid crowd control.

So they didn’t need to be very strong because we had the option of self-healing through many spells and passives. This meant that the DK in pvp could switch from death coiling to death striking and heal itself while under IBF or ams or even just passively when being focused.

Now that you for 2 expansions in a row have removed the turtle gameplay from the class entirely by overnerfing death strike, it’s time to look at these defensives again.

Even shaman has a 6 or 8 second immunity of burrowing underground now.

IBF should be a complete damage immunity at 3 min cd, unless you want to reintroduce selfhealing to the class.


normally feedback like this would be heard, but the so called DK class develoeprs do not exist my friend, there is one (1) Class dev and/or PvP dev, maybe 2 now, and they play favorites, DK has not been such since Wrath release when they actually had class direction and design with loving care


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