The Return of Large Groups in Battlegrounds

With the next weekly Burning Crusade Classic reset in each region, all “pre-made” groups will again be allowed to queue for Battlegrounds.

After this hotfix, grouped players will primarily face opponents who queued in groups of similar sizes and the matchmaker will now match raid groups of 6 or more players against at least one group of 6 or more players.

If the total number of players in your raid is smaller than the maximum size of the Battleground, the matchmaker will automatically fill your side with other groups or individuals. If there are no large pre-mades in the queue, party groups of 5 or fewer players will be placed against other parties of 5 or fewer players.

Please note: Queuing alone or in small parties will not guarantee an opposing team with no large pre-mades.


About time <3

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Good change


MMR based solo role queue one step at a time boys.
By 2030 we will finally have the matchmaking system used by every other game in the world.


Really nice to hear that. Now I would love to have some proper premade vs premade games.

Thank you.

Probably the best solution over all.

This took ages to implement xD.

Wonder if premades will die as quick as twinks did in retail after twink vs. twink. I think faster.


Thank You ! I really appreciate everything you are doing for us and the game so we can enjoy it every way we want !

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Depends, twinks died on retail for a multitude of reasons.

Whilst there were plenty of twinks (only in the 19 and 29 bracket, every other truly died instantly), most of the twinks were split across multiple battlegroups so they couldn’t even queue together if they tried.

In this case, everybody on TBCC is in the same battlegroup for battlegrounds.

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My twink died when it accidentally gained level 30.

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Berny approves.

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good change in my opinion


Now do something about the bots, imbalanced servers, and dead servers!!!


Great news. Can’t imagine it took you half year to come up with it :slight_smile:

Back to meeting full premades in EotS again, lovely

IDK why this mentality to punish the person who invests more time in this game.

If you take the time and organize a grp (premade) for bg it’s unfair to random joe who wants to just play and have the same win chances without spending extra effort.

Same with twinks vs twinks (on retail), i assume the person who lvled a twink and went through the trouble of lf the bis items in dungeons be it boosted or not do it to 1 shot random ppls with lvling greens in bgs.

Still Premade vs Premade is better then no premade at all, quality of games for alliance will be better, no more afk-ers at least.

Making things fair is punishment to you? And honestly, how long does it take to scratch up a 5 or 10 or 15 man premade on a PvP server, 15 minutes? Oh, the trouble!

For comparison: Before this update, a solo queue player had to play for hours to be able to win one game of battlegrounds to get his daily pvp quest done. What is harder, winning games in 5 minutes most of the time, or losing 95% of games all the time? And when you manage to win, the game takes at least 20 - 30 minutes.

Twinking phenomenon died a bit when it got popular, in other words: when the playing field got more fair, people stopped playing. I don’t like this no more when I am no longer the One Shot God of Battlegrounds anymore. Same thing with the battlegrounds now when premades have to play against each other, it’s more of a fair fight, so no thanks, I am gonna go to the forums to discuss about this!

It’s exactly the opposite of what you say, you actually like it easy with no effort. You consider spamming the LFG channel “more effort” put in to the game than a solo queue player earning his honor on his own. A bit twisted.

I personally consider that the solo queue players should be matched exclusively against other solo queue players. You still get a lot of premades in the queue and those games are zero fun. Most fun the game has to offer is random vs. random battlegrounds.


That’s miss information. Twinking got more popular as more people did it.

Then twinking died when Blizzard separated the battlegrounds and made it incredibly difficult for queues to pop. With separated battlegrounds, the 19 and 29 brackets were the only twink brackets available.

On top of that, battlegroups existed at the time. So all the twinks on a battlegroup had to queue at the same time in the hopes of being able to play the game.

The reason twinking isn’t popular on retail now is because it’s utterly pointless. Stat squishes have made the difference between gear almost non-existent. You’d be wasting hours of your time for a very minimal, hard-to-notice difference. And if twinks really did just want to kill lowbies that can’t fight back?

They still can. Creating a throw-away twink with some cheap potions, (5) Northrend Engineering (frag grenade op) and some cheap enchants on your heirlooms takes no effort what so ever.

Miss information again: premading took more effort than joining solo and hoping your team mates aren’t a bunch of apes, and/or hoping the random queue doesn’t match your team of 2 warriors, 3 hunters, 2 feral druids, a rogue and 2 ret paladins against a team with players that are willing to heal and play as a team.

“Fun” is subjective. The scenario I described above certainly isn’t fun for me.

WoW wasn’t supposed to be a single player game. People that play solo aren’t supposed to be on the same level as people who communicate and play together. That’s what retail is for, the Classic players that I know wanted Classic to get away from that.

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No, twinking died because when everyone started to do it, it took a looong long time to kill a lvl 29 warlock. You ran out of mana while trying, it was not fun at all.

No, and I am not going to explain it again, anyone with some brain activity understands my post.

Yes, fun is subjective. Some people like to torture little animals, can’t really argue with that argument.

Nobody was saying anything remotely related to what you are saying here. We were talking about fairness. Premade vs. random is not fair.

When you boil all your arguments down, you simply want an unfair advantage, organized team vs. random scrubs likely wearing green items, preferably with no healers. You only dress that up as “I am having more effort”, but we all know that it does not require much effort to setup a premade.

Even with these new changes, you still get a lot of premades as a random solo queue player. This was a step in the correct direction, but it’s still not enough. Solo players should be allowed to play against other solo players. This may not be possible to implement 100% but the odds of randoms facing a premade of any size should be small.

Currently the odds are not small, been trying for the past 3 hours to get the daily done, its not happening. Always facing a premade, and horde premades tend to suck and thus we lose all games.