The Return of Large Groups in Battlegrounds

With the next weekly Burning Crusade Classic reset in each region, all “pre-made” groups will again be allowed to queue for Battlegrounds.

After this hotfix, grouped players will primarily face opponents who queued in groups of similar sizes and the matchmaker will now match raid groups of 6 or more players against at least one group of 6 or more players.

If the total number of players in your raid is smaller than the maximum size of the Battleground, the matchmaker will automatically fill your side with other groups or individuals. If there are no large pre-mades in the queue, party groups of 5 or fewer players will be placed against other parties of 5 or fewer players.

Please note: Queuing alone or in small parties will not guarantee an opposing team with no large pre-mades.


About time <3

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Good change


MMR based solo role queue one step at a time boys.
By 2030 we will finally have the matchmaking system used by every other game in the world.


Really nice to hear that. Now I would love to have some proper premade vs premade games.

Thank you.

Probably the best solution over all.

This took ages to implement xD.

Wonder if premades will die as quick as twinks did in retail after twink vs. twink. I think faster.


Thank You ! I really appreciate everything you are doing for us and the game so we can enjoy it every way we want !

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Depends, twinks died on retail for a multitude of reasons.

Whilst there were plenty of twinks (only in the 19 and 29 bracket, every other truly died instantly), most of the twinks were split across multiple battlegroups so they couldn’t even queue together if they tried.

In this case, everybody on TBCC is in the same battlegroup for battlegrounds.

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My twink died when it accidentally gained level 30.

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Berny approves.

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good change in my opinion


Now do something about the bots, imbalanced servers, and dead servers!!!


Great news. Can’t imagine it took you half year to come up with it :slight_smile:

Back to meeting full premades in EotS again, lovely

IDK why this mentality to punish the person who invests more time in this game.

If you take the time and organize a grp (premade) for bg it’s unfair to random joe who wants to just play and have the same win chances without spending extra effort.

Same with twinks vs twinks (on retail), i assume the person who lvled a twink and went through the trouble of lf the bis items in dungeons be it boosted or not do it to 1 shot random ppls with lvling greens in bgs.

Still Premade vs Premade is better then no premade at all, quality of games for alliance will be better, no more afk-ers at least.