The returning player is facing a problems!

Good evening! I’ve returned to the game, and my last purchased expansion is Shadowlands. I’ve been continuing with the quests where I left off, but now I need to enter a dungeon. When I use the dungeon finder, for some reason, I can only choose from the list of Battle for Azeroth dungeons. Random or Specific. Why can’t I find Shadowlands dungeons there or this is a BUG? I also can’t click the raid button; it says I need the maximum level, but I’m not gaining experience from quests anymore. In this case, how can I progress through the Shadowlands expansion for which I’ve paid, without buying a new expansion right now? I understand it’s my fault, and there are probably very few players who, like me, would use the group finder for leveling, but in this situation, completing this quest seems impossible. Is there a way to skip the quest or any other method to continue playing the storyline? Thank you!

Welcome back!

Let me start with the one thing I’m clear on here. You can’t click the Raid button to get into Raid Finder because only Dragonflight raids are supported by LFR now, and you need Level 70 for that. I understand that.

I do not understand why you can’t get a queue for Shadowlands dungeons. Let’s try something: go talk to Chromie, outside the Orgrimmar Embassy (it’s on your map). Just look at what she is offering, if anything.

At Level 60, you should be outside Chromie Time, but maybe there is sone bug that, when you returned, somehow put your character into Battle for Axeroth Time?? Sounds weird, and I never heard of it happeing, but maybe. People in BfA time can choose only BfA dungeons.

If so, you should be able to ask Chromie “Return me to the current time.” This may not be possible, but what you are describing should not be possible either.

It is also possible that just returning to Otgrimmar may put you into the correct timeline, if you haven’t been back since you returned.

You are talking about this Level 60 characterТамприэль-greymane you are posting on, and not some other character lowe-level you have?

As I look at your armoury, you should be questing through Revendreth in Shadowlands. Do you see quests available for you in Revendreth?

Oh, you were right. I found an option to change to the Shadowlands timeline, and it fixed the problem. Now I can see normal and random dungeons. However, it doesn’t solve my issue because my quest requires me to kill a boss in Heroic mode, and there are no players who play here anymore. I guess I need to find a guild and ask players for help. I also found a questline called “An Unfortunate Situation” in Revendreth, which I assume leads me to a point where I would depend on other players to complete heroic dungeons. The question about raids is still open. I remember that to complete the final quests in previous expansions, it was necessary to complete raids, which I don’t have access to now. So, at the moment, my problem is still relevant. Thank you for your help

Which dungeon/boss? which quest? maybe I can pop in and gobe you a hand on a 70. Howeer, AFAIK, no normal quest requires a Heroic dungeon - all the ones I can think of can be done on Normal?

Actually, with good 60 gear, say 220+. which you don’t have yet, you could solo Shadowlands Normals and maybe Heroics as Prot.

You can’t do LFR, but you can do raids on Normal and higher if you get a group together, which you can do in the Group Finder (see Legacy Raids). Not a lot of groups for Shadowlands Raids - it’s too recent - but they do happen.

Right now, I’m stuck on the quest “Tazavesh: Raiders of the Lost Artifact,” and the boss So’leah, as I understand, is only available in heroic mode. There are no such dungeons in Dungeon Finder.

That’s actually a wonderful idea, completing dungeons with another spec. But yes, at first, I need to find good gear!

Regarding raids, yeah, I’ll probably search for some players like me or even a guild.

Ah, So’leah. Yeah, So’leah is a major pain to solo, 'cos he gets a 99% damage taken buff. No problem with a full party to kill the orbs, but a not-fun hour otherwise. And yes, that is the “Megadungeon” of Shadowlands, so Heroic only.

But Tazavesh is beyond your expected progress at your stage of SL. You want to complete Revendreth, choose a Covenant (probably Bastion for a Paladin), open Korthia, and then Zereth Mortis to get 220-252 gear.

You MAY be able to buy some Green 229 and crafted 333 gear at the AH to speed things up a bit. Probably scarce and expensive now, though, since nobody’s doing Shadowlands stuff any more.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance; it’s extremely important to me, and I can’t repay you. I will concentrate on finishing all quests around Shadowlands, try to get the best gear possible, and then attempt to complete solo dungeons. If that doesn’t work, I’ll find players who can help me!

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Well post again here if you have anu problems. I’ll give you a hand with dungeons and stuff if I can.

Thank you for your help regarding my return! In general, I played for a few more days and realized that I had nothing to catch. I was also afraid of missing out on the new content that was released in the current version of the game, namely the new raid. I bought the game, transferred my characters to a more lively server, and leveled up my main character to the point where I could join a guild. At the moment, we are on the path to mastering the heroic mode of the raid. Thanks to you once again for not leaving a young player like me behind. Heartfelt thanks!

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Thank you once more, from my new character ^^ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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