<The Revolution> BWL Recruitment

Horde | EU-PvP | Stonespine | Semi-Hardcore

Sub 2 Hour MC Clears currently with a 30 man team.
We are aiming to fill out our current roster with exceptional players in preparation for BWL and beyond.

Class Needs:

1 Warriors (1 DPS)
1 Mage

We will always consider exceptional applicants for any class, Pre - raid Bis minimum.


The Revolution is a PvE-focused progression guild with leadership experience including world top 10 raiding, Naxx/KT completion pre-TBC, multiple gladiator titles, and GM/Raid Leader experience since 2005. Attitude is very important to us. We want mature players who are good at the game and enjoyable to be around, so make yourself competitive!

:trophy: GOALS

We strongly believe in quality over quantity. Our aim is to keep our guild lean, tight-knit, and most of all, a fun and desirable place to call home. Efficiently completing all raid content is our main goal. Our raid team will be capable of farming content while cultivating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. When not raiding, expect us to be pushing high-tier PvP ranks through coordinated team battlegrounds and world PvP.


Ideal applicants will exhibit outstanding game play, a good attitude, and a passion for classic.

:dragon_face: RAID SCHEDULE

Wed, Sun (Mon if required) — 19:30 - 23:00 ST

:moneybag: LOOT SYSTEM

We operate with an CEPGP system

:computer: DISCORD

:question: QUESTIONS

Message Ade#8065, Silhouette#0685 on Discord.

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