The Runecarver is the "real jailer / evil"?

Zovaal is teased as the Jailer and the big bad guy, but he looks nothing like the original jailer in the Trailer. I know Blizzard stated they simply changed his model. However his model in that trailers look surprisingly like the Runecarver…

As far as I can see, none of the other Eternals see Zovaal and don’t confirm he is the true jailer.

Zovaal doesn’t seem the leave the Maw, even though he’s out of his chains?

The Runecarver is deceiving us showing us “memories”, giving us power to defeat Torghast, His own prison and even shows us Zovaal stealing his memories from his point of view.

I think this is all fake and we are being used to free the Runecarver who is the real evil…


!!! My thoughts !!!
The Runecarver is the leader of Maldraxxus Primus, Primus was excelent strategist and also creator. Primus is the part of The Runecarver or rather a part of his mind.
Jailer needed him to created sets for his army and also to create crown of domination, so he separated part of his mind from his body. But we will reunite his mind soon when the chains fall.

The craziest thing I’ve seen so far is the Jailer “wearing” the Arbiter and both of them together making a “complete” entity. If Blizz indeed goes that way, I’ll punch someone.

I’ve also seen a speculation of you know what also fits in Jailer’s chest-hole? The Heart of Azeroth. That one will also make me punch someone.

Dunno but it seems like a very good extra bag slot for me!

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actualy about the hole I had my own theory about that,

though this would meen the jailer is beeing manipulated though, same as arthas, where both did remove their hearts to not have feelings. But that would be far fetched I think.

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Well, let’s just imagine that I posted my rant on “power creep” and about how the next thing we know is the “true villain” behind the Jailer, and after that the “true true villain” behind that one, and call it a day xD

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and in the end it all comes down to one random murloc who got annoyed becuse he lost a fish when fishing in elwyn, becuse a random stormwind pesant walked buy.

Actually the Runecarver being the Arbiter may not be ridiculous. We collect the Runecarvers memories - I hold the Memory of Ursoc at the moment. How did the Runecarver have it? By reading it as Ursoc arrived?

Had to. Because he was imprisoned since way before Ursoc arrived.

You make a very good argument for that theory.
It’s very likely the Zovaal we see is just a projection of the Runecaver who is in fact Zovaal himself. It’s also never been fully explained how the Jailor broke his bonds too or even if Sylvanas with his boon had the ability or knowledge to do so. You would of thought whomever put him there in the first place would have created safeguards to ensure he or his allies wouldn’t be able to.

What’s even more compelling is that we might have already been forewarned in some way of this type of deception and treachery.

If you played through one of the side quest chains in Revendreth there is one where we encounter a chained up Venthyr called Sabina in the Ember Ward.
Where she two has (or at least claims to have) lost recollection of her past events that led to her imprisonment. Although initially she pretends to play the victim, we later discover in our attempts to find a means to free her, that she herself murdered her companions and then proceeds to turn on us when freed where her darker side resurfaces as she finally succumbs to her torments.

It’s a bit clutching at straws but, I wouldn’t be surprised if a similar series of events were to play out involving the Runecarver as well.

Remember too that Ve’nari (another dubious character) did give us the following word of caution as well, when accepting “The Weak Link” quest.
In the quest text she says,

“This ought to be enough to break the bonds that hold your newfound ally.
<Ve’nari pauses for a moment.>
Before you do so, I offer a word of warning.
No creature imprisoned in that place should be trusted. Tread carefully, mortal.
After all, it would be a shame to lose so valuable a business partner.”

I could actually see that…I just have one problem. I am torn about Ven’ari.

I dont trust her either…she also is in the Maw…

then again at times… and it is based solely on the reputation gain description but at times I really thought Odyn once again transformed himself lol I know its unrealistic but “worthy” might be just branded in my brain since Legion :sweat_smile:

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