The Sacrifice The Succubus To Do More Damage Is Back With A Vengeance!

For the people that are too young to know it or simply have forgotten it. Back in the day, the warlocks had a rotation where they would sacrifice their succubus and then spam Shadow Bolt. Let’s just say it drove a lot of warlocks crazy to the point where, I hope, they were joking that they would tie up Metzen and force him to do the rotation for the next 24 hours if he wanted to escape, or something like that.

I think this is when “Damn It, Metzen! Stop ruining WoW” was born.

So, yeah.

They brought the skill back, and it’s meta again.

I wonder what will happen this time.

For Extra Context

I saw on MMO-champion that Blizz are planning nerfs to talents synergizing with GoSac, because warlocks are supposed to be a pet class, so using the pet should be the best way to play.

Then, if I were Ion, I would start training for a marathon.

The rest of us who aren’t warlocks…

Well, even if warlocks are a pet class… it’s sometimes handy to not have to deal with a buggy pet. I mean, a voidwalker sure is nice for leveling, unless it gets stuck in the terrain and does absolutely nothing. On the other hand, having your felhunter separately lets you interrupt if you are CCed yourself.

The option should always be there with little difference in DPS, let the player choose how they play.

Oh, no ! Civil WarLock 5 has started .
Captain Warlock vs Iron Warlock!

You’ll be able to do just that, but Blizz don’t want GoSac to be the all-round optimal way to play warlock, which IMO makes sense, if you want to play a pet-less caster, mages and shadow priests are options for that.

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