The Scourge Invasion Starts 72 Hours After the Zombie Plague

In a surprise move, Scourge from Northrend started invading the rest of Azeroth 72 hours after the Zombie Plague began (on American realms).

That makes the dates we used in our posts about these events, well, wrong. There’s a trigger for this next set of conditions that will fire off at 72 hours, which will very early tomorrow (Saturday, 10 Sept.) at 03:00.

Overall, we like getting the Scourge Invasion started as soon as possible, since all of its challenges and unique encounters will go away when Northrend opens at Midnight CEST on September 27.

It’s a few extra days of Lady Falther’ess and Lord Blackwood and Revanchion. See you there!


Any other changes to the Zombie event schedule?

What about EU realms?
I didn’t get to see any Zombies :rofl:

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Nice! I think i’ll miss it anyway with these ques. Great event tho! 5/5



Please understand the event. At day 4 scourge invasion should start. And at day 5 Putress should spawn in shattrath. After the cure is found it all ends. After that second invasion begins with attacking the stormwind harbor and valley in orgrimmar.

There are plenty of bugs with the events.
All been reported on PTR, and nothing has changed when the prepatch went live.

You really got to know how the events work and do research and not expect it to work out of the box. It isn’t plug and play. Please fix the events and make sure the attack on the city’s are implemented because they are important to the lore aswell!


Fix the servers


zombies stuck in queue cant play


Guess enough pissed off people started unsubbing so the worst event in history of WoW can be once again cut short so we can actually get back to playing the game we are paying for …

glad we had to have this stupid experiment again to find out that people kinda do not enjoy getting griefed …


Hello Kaivax!

Are you going to fix Thekal’s outrageous queues? 6-8 hour in queue is ridiculous.

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Please open another fresh PVP realm to allows to actually play through the event!


Will zombies have to queue too ? Some people would also like to experience the event.


Please add one more fresh PvP realm so that I can log in after work and enjoy the Scourge Invasion! I would really love to be allowed to play the game I subbed for! Thank you!

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I really don’t understand why you bother with events when half of the people cant login


its 03:22 now and we still dont see Scourge Invasion yet??

yep nothing on EU-Fr Auberdine
bad eta timer?
edit : 3h30 its done

Zombies jump the queue. But they do have to wait 14+ weeks to find out about the server they appear on and what is happening with it.

No amount of shiny paint is hiding the wall filled with cracks Blizzard. Prioritize what is important.

Fix Thekal queue situation, having 9k players at 12am on a working day is not normal


Does this mean 3 am? And do we see anything on the map? I’ve never done this event, don’t know where I’m supposed to go.

Seem like alot of people are confused, and i’m one of them…
The argent emissary tells us there have been X amount of battles won but noone on the server has seen any ‘invasion’ yet.

Anyone out there that can explain this?

Edit: EU (firemaw) server

The zombie plague is watered down garbage compared to before, if you kill infected players, they used to turn into zombies, without that, the plague is pointless.