The Server is dead

Greetings dear Blizzard. i would like to tell you that noggenfogger server which i play since the start of tbc is now empty except a very few people. You have opened a migration from other servers to ours but it didnt work out. We would like either a free transfer to any high population server or at least a bundle where we can take all our chars to a new server. Also server merging can work but something needs to be done please cause some of us have really bad economics and we really dont want to pay 100+ euros to take all of our characters to another server. I play this game for 17 years now and this is 1st time i ever asked blizzard for anything. Thank you in advance


I’m also someone stuck on Noggenfogger with my characters. The server is so dead it’s almost impossible to raid or even do a 5 man dungeon unless you make it from your guild, of which it feels like there are 5 total that play still. Pug raids are similarly very difficult to make, the auction house is in a decline; all in all the server feels untenable to be playing on at all.
Please consider us for the next wave of free transfers.


all servers are dead not only yours xD

no. not all servers are dead

played now some days on firemaw, lots of grouping while questing and leveling, even dungeons so no, not every server^^

Dear Blizzard employee,

How low does the player count have to be to give out free transfers of the server? For weeks now the players are leaving/stopping. The nerfs haven’t stopped this or brought players back.


Noggenfogger player base is dropping each week, around 300-400 active players are playing this week, can we please get free transfers away to a new realm!! im sure people are unsubbing daily!!

Dear Blizzard,

Is there a chance you can reply to this post pleas.
Because I would love to get an answer why we haven’t gotten an option to free transfer. Don’t get me wrong. If people would have move to our server I rather have stayed (but it seems people don’t wanna transfer to a death server). I like Noggen. Also I would have been very happy if the Nerfs (which I am not a big fan off) would have brought back people that stopped playing and that would have gotten a healthy player base back to the server. But this all unfortunately didn’t happen.

Any chance for a good reason why we aren’t allowed the free transfer or give the transfer now all hasn’t worked.

Thanks Blizzard team for giving a general reaction to the states of the server population (blue post about Blizzard on the State of Burning Crusade Classic Server Population)

By doing this you give a very nice explanation why you did what you did.
I still hope you can take the time and look and respond to our specific situation and give out the free transfers now, or come up whit another solution (fast, before the title off the post comes true).

The example you give in the blue post makes sense, but i recon the opposite of the explanation can be used as well. By not giving people the chance to free transfer (which higher populated then ours server did get) more people got unhappy and either payed to leave or stopped the game. Which makes the sever for group purpases almost unplayable and less fun for the people that are left (ofc it can also make people happy, easy to tag mobs, farm and gather, but i don’t think they will be unhappy if ya give more people the option to move off the server freely).

Waiting for a response, ty in advance.

I admire the fact you are being so polite while you and me aswell are being scammed by Blizzard, they know damn well our server is dead it already has been dead for months now. They developed the game so they are 100% aware of the fact that noggenfogger is becoming one of the worst realms it’s unplayable as an mmorpg what WoW represents. You can open forums and ask for free transfer all you want but they haven’t milked enuf, maybe they’re waiting for a few more to do a paid transfer and when there are 100 people left they MIGHT do free just MAYBE but not to high server you can go to other server that has 500. :joy::rofl:

Was just thinking about how smart the business model ‘character transfer’ really is especially for Vanilla or TBC. If this wouldn’t excist, my served Noggenfogger would still be alive, I would atleast be able to do a dungeon. But they make it seem like they do it for the community the character transfer but actually when people start to transfer they force the rest of the server to transfer with them. If you don’t you wasted all this time like me farming gear, farming profs. Lets say 50+ days played maybe even more and I can throw it all in the trash can or start over?? :sweat_smile: I just talked to customer support about this today they told me to make a treat on this forum, guess what!? There already is one made in December last year. I legit feel betrayed.

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