The Shadowlands Pre-Expansion Patch Now Live

So more of nothing to do?
Get over this fast please.

And people really forget that expansions are being worked on for ~ 4 years, lots of wrong decissions have been made long ago, all we can get are bandaids and working quests.

Shame to blame it on “tuning” when not even leveling up is working.

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so how will the epic battlegrounds be like at that day
without corruptions

more interested if there will be any prepatch av with no boss rushes just kill farms and blood turn ins for ivus/icelord

Is it me or did the Void Elf shown in the pre-patch survival guide have black hair?

maybe he uses intewnyet expwowew uwu


Well if the pre-patch questing is time-gated I am deffinietly not buying the xpac untill it’ll go on a sale sometime in the future.

and after the patch a nice buildup and a pre raid with 2 bosses , some nice lookin gear and a mount and then in december 15th SL :slight_smile:

You missed adding white hair for Void Elves!

All I want to know is, will I get BFA then or will I have to wait till SL comes out? If it’s the latter, I won’t be buying SL on launch. I really wish Actiblizz would make this clear ahead of time instead of banking on misinformed people buying BFA days before it becomes free.

they missed whole races be happy that you got something.

It doesn’t matter how many times Blizzard announced their prepatch date, it is still too soon. :grimacing:

Pretty excited for prepatch
The changes are going to be so good
Im really looking forward to wanting to play again

If you’re not planning on leveling an alt, then not much changes in regards to available stuff to do. You can just do them in a slightly different way (without corruption and with class changes).

Don’t get me wrong; I’m looking forward to it, but I don’t have any illusions about ‘suddenly having loads of things to do’.

I’ve got 4 alts planned for the EU
And at least 2, maybe even 4 for the US account

Without looms, dungeons, potions, or anything else, levelling this vulpera to 120 took over 100 hours. So the new levelling has me really excited :smiley:


So what time it will be online?
Paris time

Me: I shall contain my excitement.
Me in reality:

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You’re right, it’s disappointing.


If pre-patch removes corruptions, does it mean people won’t be able to complete high end content? or everything will be toned down and adjusted to no-curruption times?

So, will there be an option to remove that navigational marker that will tell you that the quest objective is above or below? I was more than happy with the minimap and a tiny up and down marker to indicate the height/depth of the objectives. I have always hated the nav marker in any MMO and it will be horrible to keep seeing every single quest.

This is what u get when u let a Company that is Built around FPS games into something FAR more complicated as mmorpg that they never touched before…

GJ Blizz. U Ruined ur own company!!

By this im talking about the sudden choice to delay exp, Bad communications due to clearly tightend grip from Activision, Lack of Info, Etc etc.
Seems like after they merged it all went down the drain even more than ever before!

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