The Shattrath Market in november and december

The november market should happen this weekend. But since it’s the first weekend after launch, we can imagine people are to busy doing other things. Therefor, the november market will be cancelled.

The date for the december market is 26th, so the christmas weekend. We wonder what people want. Are they to busy celebrating christmas to have time to RP, or on the other side, so bothered by the corona rules, that they like to have some distraction and would like to RP. Your opinion matters, so let us know under this post.


Saturday evening is guild RP event time for the Tower of Krasha, so if I have time to play that evening, it will be with them :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless they’re all Christmas busy and I suddenly have time to fill in WoW :grinning:

Day after Christmas is a no-go for me and likely the majority of my guild! I’ll be getting merry and likely waking up under the tree itself, but I wish you all some good fun!

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A reminder for the christmas weekend, is there need for RP, for the market?

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