The Shock isn't very Pog

Testing holy paladin after the incredible buffs. The humongous game changing alterations to our healing breakdown. ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE.

Or so Blizzard probably thought was going to happen.

Wings + Blessing of Spring on, doing daybreak + Infusion flash combos, and your HPS still doesn’t go above 130k.

Then I log on my holy priest, and I do 220k hps by pressing Well, PoM, and one Serenity.

Can we please get a complete rework, and for the love of God, change the mastery. Why do I need to LITERALLY stand inside of someone, to get the max benefit of my main stat? I can’t even consider stacking haste, because if I do that, then the already nonexistent heals SOMEHOW become even worse.

And if the idea is for you to play melee wings with the mastery, then why is melee wings the single most worst, godawful talent in the game? You legit can’t outheal 2k cr players on holy pala. You eat one bit of CC, and even if you instantly trinket it, the cast stop doomed the game like 10 globals ago.

Word of Glory does ret numbers. It’s the same as if you didn’t even press it. In fact, sometimes I feel like it heals more on Cataclysm.

I cry everytime I play hpala in shuffle. A joke of a spec.
To get full healing you need to stay melee, but you are also the easiest healer to CC.

Makes sense.

Spec is a mess. The spec died the second infusion procs stopped reducing holy light cast speed.

holy paladin has been complete garbage since the launch of Dragonflight and the rework arguably made it even worse, now brace yourself but the war within is legit Dragonflight 2.0 so do what I did: Unsub and don’t give this incompetent company any more money, because until they actually fix PvP and the underperforming classes it’s not worth it trust me.

Not to mention that when you are the focus, you are possibly going to lose because it is the softest heal currently. Personally, it’s horrible for me when I’m the focus, they usually train me almost instantly because even in the wings I can’t survive the damage I receive.

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