The spires of ascension

Covenants quest .why should one in dungeon not everyone goes in dungeon. So the quest I do not get made .As a casual player since 2008 I thought Blizz gives the finger to us who play alone.and what happens with Wintergrasp it is still …if you are attacking. And why can you not buy PVP gear like lev 58/59 so you can go in maw when you are lev 60 with ok gear on and get a meteor in your head without it hurting too much .and honor and conquest cap is to small but i am only a casual player . have a nice day


I honestly dono how people who completly refuse group content, actully enjoys wow


You can queue for normal or heroic in the group finder. What is it you are struggling with?

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Having to do actual content ?

This is an MMO. Deal with it.

Dude just doesn’t wanna play with people.


So first your issue is there is a quest in dungeon which can be done on normal difficulty which is basicly just join and pair with randoms whack a mole and done.

And then u complain about pvp and honor gear.

Where so you get honor and what exactly are u doing in BGs when u have so big issues doing a group activity?

Then I guess you are stuck until you heavily outgear it later in the expansion and can solo Normal.

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I think that’s oversimplification. A lot people don’t want to pug, and if they are in a bad guild there’s no other option.

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But Normal is just with levellers and other undergeared 60s that can’t do heroic or are there for a quest item. You don’t even have to speak to anyone.

I got way behind because of that quest in the Kyrian campaign. I happily do many things in WoW but I don’t do group dungeons and I agree it shouldn’t be in the main campaign. Yes, I did it in the end because I was forced to but hated every moment of it especially as the group was going at about 90 miles per hour all the way through.


I swear I dont even question blizzards decision to not be active on the forums after seeing all the bs people complain about… just to have something to complain about

Thanks to Ananda for reading what I wrote. When I pvper I like to play with others. And with Wintergrasp I just wonder like others who have actually played as an attacker, and pvp gear to bay as lev 58/59 why not what’s wrong with it .But that forced people in the dungeon it is wrong.Empathy is a difficult thing for some people but lucky that most have it. Posted with google tranclate.
Although I like wow I can see if there is anything that can be improved. Not everyone dares to write here and why I wonder


Normal mode dungeon finder is basically solo content anyway, just treat the other people like bots, the dungeons are so easy you have to actively try to fail

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sounds good I do not like to be forced into a dungeon and can not see why one has put a quest there.And I like to play with others do a little pvp and I enjoy .people here answer often before they read and can not understand that others have a different opinion than them but thanks for your reply

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General Discussions problems :smirk:

“I am asocial even ingame and afraid to que for normal dungeon via lf D”

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Tough luck. Go out of your comfort zone or stick with the consequences.

Blizz should gate more stuff behind group content. If it makes people quit thats not a bad thing.

but you can do that, last week i leveled up my priest. I did plenty of bgs while leveling and because of that i could buy honor gear when i hit 60. sure i couldnt instantly upgrade them to 197. But its enough to give you some basic gear. I assume you wanted to have max honor gear ilvl instantly.

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