The State of Battleground Queue

Hey guys, I wanted to share the frustration about the queue times for battlegrounds that are insane – we’re talking 30 minutes to an hour just to get into a match. It’s beyond frustrating and feels like such a waste of time. Honestly, it’s making the whole game feel kinda dead.

What do you think? Do you reckon things will improve in the future, or should we just hold off until the new expansion or at least the next season drops?

Let me know your thoughts.

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What time are you queuing? as i’m currently doing BGs right now and they’re taking around 8-10mins, the blitz is around 15min.

Hey, I am playing between 19-00h CET time. Also RBG groups are apsolutly non existent

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I agree on RBG groups as i can never find one either, honestly i play mornings and sometimes around 7/8 pm and my longest queue for a BG is never over 15 minutes.

I’ve just joined the queue now, I will reply once its popped too

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popped now after 12 minutes :slight_smile:

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Are you talking about low-level or max-level queues?

I am talking about max lvls in particular but we could say in general interest as well.

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Sorry, were you the opening post? (the profile change threw me off).

As above, my queues are closer to 10-15mins around those times. Not sure what’s up with your queues (but I have been in queues that never pop in the past & just relogged to resolve).

took me 8 mins–it’s CET 17 time wise

They are balancing healers that across all brackets will same wait time. Maybe they stop nerfing healers when will damgur healer ratio 500:1 Stay tuned :joy:

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