The Stormwind City Guard Winterveil Charity Ball

IC notice on boards around Stormwind
Hear ye! Hear ye!
The Stormwind City Guard are hosting a Winterveils Charity Ball and all are invited.
Come along on the 16th December to the Northshire Abbey for an evening of music, dancing, food and fundraising. The evening will be set to start at eight bells in the evening.
Tickets are fifty silver and can be bought from the Guard HQ, or on the door.
All proceeds go towards the orphans and refugees of the war efforts.

OOC Bit!
So anyone is welcome to come, wear your Tux, or your fancy dresses. Come and RP the night away for what will hopefully a festive fun evening. We’ll do an IC raffle for a load of fancy prizes! If your char can’t make it but you wish to bring an alt, see below. If you want to get involved in some pre-event RP, get in touch with me. We need deliveries, we need to recruit people to host, we need raffle prizes, so get inventive and send them my way! Lets just have a load of fun!

More details will follow!

IC Notice - found on all city notice boards
The Stormwind City Guard are looking for anyone able to work at there upcoming Charity Ball, on the 16th. Waiters, Bar Work and others will be required. Contact Corporal Leofric Curtes for more details!

Another OOC bit
Basically if your regular character isn’t able to attend, or you don’t fancy it, but you want involved, throw me an alt, and we can work you in somewhere. Bar staff, entertainer, musician, lemme know!

Any questions, fire them in here or PM me in game!

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