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A Noble Bust Up

Last Friday saw some rare action in the Blue Recluse tavern, in the Mage District. A seemingly dull night saw regulars venturing in for a quiet drink, however it was not to be. Several City Guards were stationed in the tavern and appeared out of the woodwork when a Lady Lea Reeves appeared. A large force appeared at the door, placing Lady Reeves under arrest. The charges named were ‘Conspiracy to commit murder’ on Lord Gregoir Daltharion.

Guards seemed to be working with known criminals, two high elves by the name Zena and Quas, on the case. Lady Reeves, who seemed to be drinking heavily, freely admitted to the elves her intent, and guards moved in for the capture. A noble, by birth, Lady Reeves was given bail by the Magistrates and was free to go, awaiting a trial. The ‘Times’ managed to catch up with Lady Reeves however she was not prepared to comment on the arrest. She did claim that she was completely innocent on all accounts.

“I have done nothing wrong. I will be found innocent at the end of this. The guards are a brutal, archaic organisation that man-handle crooks like they are dirt on one’s shoe. Once I am found innocent, they shall feel my wrath!” Lady Reeves went on to exclaim her disgust at the City Guards. A trial date has yet to be set.

Shady Lady dealings

The Shady Lady became the second stomping ground of the week to enjoy a guard presence. Monday morning saw guards battering down the doors and searching the place for a man by the name of Mr. Faulks. Faulks was an ex-convict who had escaped from the city Vaults recently, and Guards had a tip off that he may be dealing in the ‘Shady Lady’ tavern, in the Dwarven District.

Only two guards were searching for Faulks, a known dangerous criminal, which adds fuel to the fire that the guard is understaffed. However, the two did manage to locate and arrest the crook. There was a scuffle where all parties were injured, but the criminal was taken into holding at guard HQ.

It is suspected that the criminal known as Mr Faulks is related to the blood witch, Ire Mirgov – a known tormentor of the city. Reports are, however, unconfirmed. Questions remain as to why Faulks is in City Guard holding cells and hasn’t been transported straight back to the Vaults where he came from. The ‘Times’ will keep its readers updated as the story progresses.

Latest Titbits

Rumour has it that the known demon and menace to the kingdom of Stormwind, Lord Galorphar of the Black Claw has been sighted again. It has been at least 3 years since he was last sighted, but civilians in Boralus reported such sightings. Galorphar was well known for causing terror in the city of Stormwind and is charged with many heinous crimes, including witchcraft, demon trafficking and high treason. Civilians are to beware!

Noblegarden is here and we at the ‘Times’ would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday. This Friday, 7th, an egg hunt will be taking place in Stormwind, organised by the City Guards. Those interested should attend the headquarters at around 8 bells. Many prizes can be won, including eggs. Fancy that!

The Noblegarden traditions continue Sunday, as Mrs. Xiuwei Bei-Fong hosts her usual cooking contest. Civilians of all ages and abilities are encouraged to attend and show off their culinary skills. Cash prizes are available if you manage to woo the judges in to picking your dish as their favourite. Head over to the Command Centre for 9 bells, on Sunday 9th.

A picture of Leofric Curtes, and his bar staff, in front of the Pig and Whistle. “Fancy Friday – 24th April”
The Pig and Whistle are hosting a Fancy Friday Black Tie event, at the Pig and Whistle tavern, on the 24th April. All are invited to attend

The Stormwind Times is edited and published in Stormwind City, Dwarven District, by Sprizzle McPhrizzle, GJS.

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