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Murder Most Foul

Dawn on Saturday arose with a surprise for workers in Stormwind City’s Cathedral, as a body was discovered in the gardens around the rear of the building. City Guards were quick to the scene, with the body identified as Lady Lea Reeves recently dismissed assistant, Freddie Jones. Lady Reeves was recently arrested, and released on bail, by the Guard force.

The body was discovered in the Cathedral Gardens at approximately eight bells in the morning. The cause of death was clearly a bullet wound to the head. Jones had been staying in the Cathedral and was often seen out in the gardens in the mornings. Evidence found near the site points to none other than known mercenary, Thomas Tillmann, now working for the City Guard. The Guard have not yet commented on whether this was a deliberate act, or if Tillmann was working alone. However, Tillmann still continues to patrol the streets.

Little was known about Mr Jones. He had been Lady Reeves assistant for a number of years and had no known family. A small Cathedral service will be held for him on Friday.

N’Zoth No More

The ‘Stormwind Times’ is saddened to report the passing of an Old God. N’Zoth, known as the corrupter, was reported to have passed peacefully in its home on Saturday evening. The Old God of the deep has been causing chaos lately, ever since it’s awakening. It caused terror in people’s dreams, as well as influencing people to carry out desperate acts on loved ones and worse. Heroes of the Alliance were fighting a gruelling campaign against N’Zoth, which ended in the Old Gods defeat on Saturday.

N’Zoths influence was seen here in Stormwind, as the Cathedral was rocked with claims against both Administrator Terrasha Dawnborn and now Administrator Allison Grace. Other influential citizens seemed to be targets, but the effectiveness of it was limited – likely due to the sound advice given by the ‘Stormwind Times’ Dr. S. McPhrizzle’s handy guide to defeating the void!

Many people were seen rejoicing at this news as parties and celebrations went on well into the night and continued on Sunday too. Singing and cheering were heard in many bars and taverns, as the civilians finally celebrate a relative peace. “N’Zoth no more” was a particularly favourite heard outside the Pig and Whistle, with one hero, known as Escott the Bold, receiving many plaudits for his wealth of efforts defeating the corrupter. Escott the barefaced was not available to comment.

Latest Titbits

Another body was found this week, on Monday, when a young female was discovered by the Old Town entrance, from the Dwarven District. Again, Guards were quick to respond and they are treating it as suspicious. The canal walkway is fairly busy with people travelling to and from the keep, but the body was located hidden behind a stack of crates. The Guard are asking for any witnesses who may have seen anything suspicious on Monday, during the day, to report it to the guard headquarters.

This year’s Noblegarden egg hunt went down a treat as Stormwindians headed out to the outskirts of the city to search for the golden prizes. This year the hunt was organised by a combination of Guard and Silver Hand employees. Many participants took part, with the Commander, Nakama Atlan, and one of the guard recruits both collecting the most number of eggs. Prizes were shared out and everyone seemed to have a –cracking- good time!

The Noblegarden cook off took place last Sunday with a bumper crowd watching five plucky contestants fight it out for the 100 gold prize. Unsurprisingly, the main ingredient contestants were asked to use was chocolate. A large contingent of the city guard force managed to find the time off to partake and it was the Guardswoman, Gillania Morningdew that won the coveted prize with her chocolate-meat concoction. Well done to all who took part.

A picture of Leofric Curtes, and his bar staff, in front of the Pig and Whistle. “Fancy Friday – 24th April”
The Pig and Whistle are hosting a Fancy Friday Black Tie event, at the Pig and Whistle tavern, on the 24th April, from 9 bells in the evening. All are invited to attend

The Stormwind Times is edited and published in Stormwind City, Dwarven District, by Sprizzle McPhrizzle, GJS.

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