The Stormwind Times - Issue 12

Stormwind Times

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Saving Grace

Reports have surfaced that Sister Allison Grace has been captured and brought to the city to stand trial. Sister Grace was apprehended within the kingdom by a combination of Stormwind City Guards and Silver Hand knights. Reports suggest that she was found in the middle of a summoning, with various rituals having taken place and several Stormwind Cathedral treasures in her possession. She is currently being held in the Stormwind City Guard holding cells, awaiting a trial.

Sister Grace was central in the apparent downfall of Administrator Terrasha Dawnborn, although no one realised at the time. Sister Grace seemed to influence many key figures within the political landscape of the Cathedral, forcing the Guard to arrest Ms. Dawnborn on charges of High Treason. Whether this was done through magical means or not is unclear, although the void infestation at the Cathedral does seem to have been cleared out, now that Sister Grace is no longer there.

The ‘Times’ await an update on when the trial will be held. Ms. Dawnborn was re-trialled and found not guilty, allowing her to return to the city, and carry on her duties in the Cathedral.

Kiss from a Rose

The ‘Rose’ is a term that sends shivers down many spines of Stormwinds residents. None other than the elder members of the Guard who remember countless street fights, many arrests and several lives lost. Thursday night turned the clocks back, as a picture of a rose was found, drawn in blood, by the Shady Lady tavern. Alongside the drawing of a rose were the words “The next chapter begins” and the dead body of a noble. What this means is unclear, but many are worried it could mean a return of one of Stormwinds most hated gangs.

Coupled with this, a shooting took place over at the Slaughtered Lamb, in which several city guards were injured, and a suspect was apprehended. The suspect died in transit, as the guard looked to take him in for questioning. What happened in the ‘Lamb’ basement is unclear, but a fight clearly took place, with gunshots heard from nearby residents. Whilst dealing with there own injured, a civilian appeared at the guard headquarters, covered in blood and muttering about a ‘rose’. The civilian was treated and survived.

Those that remember the Rose gang will have terrible memories of bloody fights and lives lost. The ‘Times’ asks its readers to be cautious when out and about, and to report any suspicious activity to their local city guard.

Latest Titbits

The trial of Tyrone Bristol took place on Thursday night, presided over by Magistrate Amlora Burrows. Mr. Bristol was charged with fraud, as well as murder of a commoner. The city guard brought him from his holding cell to the city halls where the trial took place. Mr. Bristol showed no remorse for what he had done and showed a clear contempt for court during the proceedings. Magistrate Burrows found him guilty on all counts. He was sentenced to hang on Monday, and the sentence was carried out at the gallows, in the harbour, on Monday evening.

Reports have surfaced from Stormwinds orphanage of overcrowding and underfunding. The orphanage has been a huge part of Stormwind, ever since the city was built. The recent fourth war has left large numbers of children without families and the orphanage is the only safe place for them in the city. With beds full in the orphanage, the children have been overflowing into the Cathedral to cope with numbers. More children have been getting into trouble than before, with the numbers hard for the matrons to monitor.

Last Friday saw a celebration in style down at the Pig and Whistle Tavern. ‘Fancy Friday’ was hosted by owner Lessi Varr and manager Leofric Curtes, encouraging patrons to come down dressing in their best dresses and fanciest suits. Patrons did not disappoint with the bar bustling with merrymakers all evening. The whole event was well received, and the Pig and Whistle report an impressive profit from the evening. ((at least 35 RPers seen over the course of the evening!))

*A picture of Nakama Atlan in his Guard uniform pointing at you *
“The Stormwind City Guard want you” Recruitment is on Sundays at 8 bells. Those looking for work should come by and apply.

The Stormwind Times is edited and published in Stormwind City, Dwarven District, by Sprizzle McPhrizzle, GJS.

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