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Lela Cart - Wrong

It was reported to the ‘Times’ that Guardswoman Lela Cartwright was taken from Stormwind by agents of known demon lord, Lord Galorphar of the Black Claw, on Friday 12th. Sources report that Galorphar has many agents across the city, including a male human, Alaric Pendrike. Pendrike was a close friend of Cartwrights and managed to seduce her, before kidnapping her on the Friday evening. City officials were alerted when on a quest to locate Galorphar, she was paraded in front of them as bait.

A task force, led by Commander Nakama Atlan, was set up to find her and rescue her at the earliest chance they got. The City Guard scouting squad managed to locate her whereabouts at an abandoned village north of the Gilnean Wall. A force was then sent out to attempt the rescue, again led by Commander Atlan, and aided by Knight-Commander Lord Strorm Trueguard and his unit, and members of the Stormeagle Vanguard. Reports from the rescue suggest that Alaric Pendrike was behind it all, and was toying with the heroes. A large scale fight ensued where Pendrike was discarded and Galorphar himself appeared. The heroes were unable to detain the villain.

Guardswoman Cartwright was rescued successfully and was brought back safely to the city. Worrying rumours did surface, however, that another Guard, Zakuro Amani, was seen to be working with Galorphar. These reports remain unconfirmed but do plant doubts in the population who do not know what Guards they can trust anymore.

Obituary – Lord Gregoir Daltharion

It is with deepest regret that the ‘Times’ has to report the passing of Lord Gregoir Daltharion, Knight of the Silver Hand. Like the true hero he strived to be, Daltharion went out fighting to save the people he loved. Meddling with time magic is never at the top of anyone’s agenda, but a recent Silver Hand quest required one such act. Daltharion was first to sign up and gave his all during the quest. He met his untimely end at the hands of a dragon, allowing his colleagues to escape. Those who knew him are not to be alarmed if they see him walking around, as an alternate timeline version of Daltharion escaped with the Silver Hands.

Gregoir Daltharion was born thirty eight years ago, on a farm in Elwynn Forest. His early life was filled with farming, blacksmithing and leatherworking. He also found his love of animals, particularly horses in his early life. His true calling was to become a warrior, however, and by the age of sixteen, he had signed up to the local militia and proved himself to be a very able fighter.

By the age of twenty three, he had joined the Order of the Silver Hand, and worked in the Cathedral, tending the wounded and aiding with the light. He was taken on as a squire by Sister Maryanne Weston where he started learning the ways of a true Knight. It was here he met and fell in love with his wife, Seranui, also a squire at the time. The two of them were inseparable, working together and spending much of their free time together. The two were eventually wed and Daltharions first child was on his way, James. Three further children followed, Esme, Lyn and Lemae.

Daltharion rose to the rank of Knight of the Order of the Silver Hand and the virtues of a true knight shone through. His steely determination and grit often got him through tough situations. Many members of the order, as well as close friends and family were all present at his celebration of life, at the Cathedral of Light on Monday 22nd.

Our condolences go out to the family, his wife Seranui and four children that he has left behind.

A picture of Lord Gregoir Daltharion, with his Knights tabard on, and his well known gold/silver armour

‘On Guard’ – our weekly city guard update

Guard training this past fortnight involved quick and effective searching of districts, as well as prisoner escort. Civilians in different districts were warned when the training was taking place and were not to be alarmed should a number of guards come running past, asking a criminal to halt. The effective searching drill set two guards up as ‘criminals’ with the rest of the Guard having to quickly search the districts in an attempt to weed them out. The prisoner escort pinned two teams against one another. One guard team had to escort a prisoner to jail, whilst the other had to attempt to rescue. Both drills went ahead without too much drama!

The Stormwind City Guard would like to congratulate Sergeant Twidget Riddlespark on six years active service. The honour was achieved on May 16th. Riddlespark has been a staple of the Guard for many years with her ingenuity and ‘fun-gineering’ complimenting the Guard expertly. She is one of the main engineers of the Guards buzzbox system and is also an accomplished mage as well. An active Guardswoman for much of her career, she has recently impressed the Guard officers and has risen to the rank of Sergeant where she commands the respect of all her colleagues.

Latest Titbits

Chaos was heard in the city on Thursday 11th as a chopper was heard careering about the city at unthinkable speeds. Two females, a human with dark hair and a void elf with purple hair, were seen riding the bike recklessly and carelessly. Local biker, Stanley Kaifson, reported his bike missing on the Sunday. The wreckage of the chopper were recovered, seemingly driven off a pier in the harbour. One of the culprits was apprehended days later, after a commotion was heard outside the Pig and Whistle. The human was heard calling obscenities about trolls. She was apprehended by Guards, although after capture, she promptly fainted and is now in a coma. Once the medical team have revived her, she will be questioned by authorities.

Last issue, the ‘Times’ reported that a box was found that had interesting effects on Worgen that came in to contact with it. Another box was found this week that had strange effects on Gnomes. Possession of the box was a must for those who saw it and fights quickly occurred. The Guard managed to suppress too much chaos, but some Gnomes followed the box the Guard headquarters. One Gnome was seen barrel rolling around the guardhouse, causing as much chaos as possible to get her hands on the box. Eventually, the Commander calmed the situation down and most returned to normal. The Guard have sent a message out that if you find a suspicious box or package near you that you don’t recognise it, please report it to the authorities.

Madame Fort’una’s predictions and advice for masses.

"Zis veek’s horoskope is for Mages among us.

Relationship vith friend vill bekome rocky when you transforrrm zem into sheep. Made vorse bekause zey are kuter like zis, da zey are. Exotic travels are in your future as unexpected event katches you off guard at end of veek. Be vary portal usage, arkane magics are not your friend. Someone is admiring you from afar. Or maybe zat is beholder. Madame For’tuna kannot see everything!"
(No refunds, exchanges, or svapped predictions. You don’t like it, sue universe, not Madame Fort’una.)

A picture of Reynard Redcap outside ‘A Cut Above’ barbershop

Hairdressing of the highest quality. Look for the red and white of the barber shop, Trade District

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