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Commander Caught Short

The regular Sunday evening recruitment session of the Stormwind City Guards turned to pandemonium last week as an organised crime group appeared to take the new Commander and his predecessor hostage. Three armed suspects walked right past the on duty guards and in to the City Halls where they proceeded to incapacitate the two officers of the Guard.

It appeared to be a normal recruitment session, as the Guards made there announcements and went about their standard routine. It wasn’t long before chaos ensued, however, as shouts of a fire in the Golden Keg, Dwarven District, had the squad all but disappearing from the City Halls. A further shout from the Mage Quarter about another fire seemed to have the Guards in disarray. It wasn’t long before those that had remained at City Halls realised that it was a set up and called for backup. The doors were blocked into the City Halls and what went on inside remains a secret to all but those present.

Gunshots were then heard ringing out over the Cathedral Square as the criminals seemed to keep the main body of the Guard engaged away from the City Halls. What the criminals wanted remains unclear, but sources report that demands of the Guards were made. The situation didn’t calm down for at least an hour, as the infirmary suddenly piled up with the wounded. The new Commander, Leofric Curtes, was amongst those injured but declined to comment.

It appeared that the plan was meticulously organised by the unknown group with at least six people involved. Three were seen being carried off to the morgue, whilst another was under arrest. Rumours are circulating that at least two escaped, although more could be about. Citizens are asked to remain vigilant and report and suspicious activity.

El ‘As If?!’

It appears that the el Jasif estate, that hosted the recent VIP Gala in Elwynn Forest, has been abandoned. El Saif Karim Makram Nabil el Jasif had hosted an extravagant ball to entertain many guests from far and wide, but as the ‘Stormwind Times’ reported, it quickly went south. Since that fateful night, the estate has been left completely deserted, with barely an ant crawling about. The whereabouts of el Jasif is unknown at this stage but he certainly had plenty of enemies that wanted his end.

An old trading partner of el Jasif, who wished to remain nameless, came to the ‘Times’ stating that el Jasif was a ‘ruthless monster’, and a man who made his fortune ‘ripping families apart’. Another came forward, again remaining nameless, saying that el Jasif had ‘blood on his hands’ when he callously moved into arms dealing, supplying many of the wrong type with the means to wage war. It seems that the rumours surrounding el Jasif and the slave trade are true and that the disliked Lord ‘got what he had coming for him’. His arms dealing and his later dealings with other illegal goods have certainly not made him popular amongst merchants and nobles alike with many hoping that his disappearance is an end to his fateful life.

As to who was behind the attacks, officials remain baffled, with only one would be assassin in the Guard cells. Her trial was held recently, with the verdict being inconclusive. It seems that the church feel the female is redeemable and have offered sanctuary. Whether the courts will uphold the law and sentence the prisoner to death, or allow for her to be placed in Cathedral care is yet to be seen. The prisoner was not allowed to comment.

Defeat not Phar away

The threat to the city of Stormwind, in the name of the demon lord, Galorphar, took another blow last week. Citizens can sleep a little easier knowing that his defeat could be near. Army sources confirm that an attack on Lights Hope Chapel was defended and the forces of Galorphar that attacked were dispersed. Many of Stormwinds finest heroes had set out on Saturday to defend the beacon of light in the north, after reports indicated an attack there was planned.

The demon lord himself was apparently seen in the fray but did not hang about as he seemed ‘too afraid to fight’. Sources state that much of his arsenal was destroyed, including what seems to have been a large ‘mana bomb’, similar to that which levelled Theramore all those years ago. One of his larger weapons, a dreadnought, was toppled out the sky as well. The leaders of the Alliance Army report that they have retrieved an artefact that can rival Galorphars ‘Black Claw’, which the populace has suitably nicknamed the ‘White Claw’. Galorphar appears to be getting desperate as he throws his forces aimlessly at Alliance Outposts without much tact. It seems that the light really is going to defeat the darkness once and for all this time!

‘On Guard’ – our weekly city guard update

Friday, the eighteenth of September saw the Keep alive with a flourish of activity as the Stormwind City Guard saw a change of Commander for the first time in four years. The Stormwind City Guard turned out in their finest dress uniforms, stationed around the throne room to welcome guests and guide them to the appropriate viewing areas. The ceremony was well attended, the throne room bursting near to the seams with guests and dignitaries alike.

Commander Nakama Atlan passed the mantle over to Captain Leofric Curtes in a simple service presided over by High-Magistrate Kaitlan Graham. Rumour has it that Atlan will be staying on with the guard for an indeterminate amount of time as Major, allowing Commander Curtes the chance to find his footing before departing for personal ventures. Incidentally, the eighteenth marked the fourth anniversary of Atlan’s own rise to Commandership, marking this occasion as particularly commemorative for many of the guard.

In a turn of events that surprised a majority of those gathered, Knight-Commander Trueguard was welcomed to join the Commander and Former Commander in the center of the room after the Commander had been relieved of his duties. Atlan was subsequently knighted in the name of the King for going above and beyond the scope of his work as a guard Commander during his tenure. In truth, no Commander has lasted the breadth of Former Commander Atlan, who is to be applauded for his diligence, loyalty, and commitment to the city of Stormwind and the crown. Whispers of ‘about time’ echoed around the throne room as Nakama Atlan was presented as Sir Nakama Atlan and all celebrated this auspicious occasion.

The ceremony was followed by a small reception in the Keep’s gardens, with drinks and small bites provided. The queue to welcome and congratulate the New Commander failed to diminish despite the well-wishers slowly filtering out as the evening waned on. The festivities continued well into the night as the Pig and Whistle welcomed all with an open bar and games aplenty. This reporter would like to offer her heartfelt congratulations to Commander Curtes. May his service to our city be dutiful, honourable, and commendable as befits a Commander of the City Guard in service to His Majesty the King!
Written by our newest reporter on the streets, Miss Erin Runeseeker.

‘Light Bites’ – from the Cathedral!

The Church of the Holy Light would like to wish its warmest welcome to their newest priestess Andralyn Hastings and the new volunteers who have stepped up to aid in the recent events, namely Cohlaz Valentis, Lyra, Vysenya Moongrove and Sylarisse Starwhisper. The Church remains open to all who would wish to join or volunteer. Father Sarius Santana said to speak with any member of the clergy if you are interested.

The Church will have a stall at this Sundays (27th) market selling baked goods, all in aid of the local Orphanage. Please come by and support.

The Church always prays to the light. The darkness is almost over and light shall shine through. The demon lord Galorphar shall be defeated and the light shall shine brighter than ever before.

Latest Titbits

Reports have come to the ‘Stormwind Times’ that Knight-Captain Selonikka Wainwright, of the Silver Hand, has gone missing. Last seen in Duskwood almost a month ago, her current whereabouts is unknown. The Order of the Silver Hand are searching for her but would appeal to anyone that may see her to come forward immediately.

The Stormwind Council have reached out to the paper. They meet regularly, Tuesdays at 9 bells. They are looking for qualified citizens to pick up the roles of Minister for Trade, Minister for Internal Affairs, Minister of Magic and Minister of Justice. Please contact Narin for further information ((Narindic-ScarshieldLegion))

This Sunday (27th) sees the return of the Stormwind Market from 9 bells in the evening. The market is hoping for plenty of customers and will set up near the Stockades and anyone that wishes a stall should contact organiser Kelinn Everstride ((Kelinn-Raveholdt))

A one gold bounty is in place any sightings of a Kaldorei female, slimmer than most with dark clothing and regular face coverings. She has a husky voice. The Kaldorei is wanted for assault charges.

Madame Fort’una’s predictions and advice for masses.

Zis veek’s horoskope is for Kommander Leofric Kurtes himself.

Long may he serve. Are you little bit nervous about starting new venture today? Don’t be! As soon as you dive into today’s adventure, you vill feel right at ease. Take deep breath and you’ll know zat everything is going to vork out fine. Da, seeing is believing, and it’s also reassuring. Ze transition you’re about to go through von’t be nearly as tumultuous as you feared it vould be, so get ready for quiet transition and pleasant surprise.

(Madame Fot’una’s scribe would like it to be known that all predictions are transcribed accurately and fairly. And that any lawsuits should be addressed to Madame herself, not a poor, nameless intern who pissed off the wrong Magistrate.)

((If you want to get involved helping publish the Stormwind Times, contact Sprizzle-EarthenRing in game, or via mail!))

((If you have TRP-extended, search for player stashes on the Map. You’ll find the newspaper ICly in them!))

((IC and OOC comments always welcome!!))

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