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Break in at the Guard HQ

It has been confirmed that an attack was carried out on the cell of Terrasha Dawnborn late on Tuesday evening. Two men, dressed as Cathedral neophytes managed to enter the Guard headquarters and stab Ms. Dawnborn. Ms. Dawnborns condition is stable and no other casualties were found. The two culprits made off after the deed was done, but were apprehended before they could leave the city. The two are currently being held in the guard cells, awaiting trial. Guard officials failed to comment.

Citizens are beginning to wonder why Ms. Dawnborns cell was so easily accessible and how two citizens managed to approach so easily, clearly armed. This calls in to question the guards’ ability to handle basic duties. The Council of Bishops was outraged when they heard and stated, yet again, that Ms. Dawnborn should have sent to Northshire, where she would have been far safer under their protection.

In other news, the date of Ms. Dawnborns trial has been set – the 24th of this month. The trial is assumed to take place in the City Halls, within Stormwinds Cathedral district. But ‘Times’ sources suspect it may be moved to avoid too big a turn out, and it becoming a witch hunt! The charge of high treason still hangs over Ms. Dawnborn but it is unclear at this stage what evidence has been provided to support this case.

The ‘Stormwind Times’ spoke to a member of the Cathedrals staff who supports Ms. Dawnborn. “She cannot be guilty, this is ridiculous. We knew something had changed in her when she returned, but she was still the same person. It’s about time they released her, so she can get back to doing what she’s good at!”

Another a-void-able case?

There have been rising reports of ‘void’ related cases this week. On Saturday night, a crazed individual was approached by City Guards, only for the individual to summon some void being. Guards battled with the being and managed to destroy it. The individual who summoned to creature was also disposed of during the tussle. The Guard themselves seemed to take a number of casualties, although no fatalities. No comment has been made from city officials.

A further case was reported last week with a body being found in the canals, clearly influenced by shadow magic. The body has been sent for autopsy, but they have not been named yet.

At this difficult time, the ‘Stormwind Times’ would like to remind its readers to take care out there. Issue 1 contained information about dealing with the void and citizens should read the pamphlets that are available. If you notice anything suspect with someone you know, you should report it to Cathedral staff immediately.

Latest Tidbits

In lighter news, the Order of the Silver Hand are holding sessions on ‘The Light and How to Swing It’. Knight-Commander Lord Strorm Trueguard is said to be holding sessions on a Wednesday evening in the Guard headquarters training yard in Stormwind. All those with the wish to learn, are encouraged to attend.

An out of city report said that a Midnight Market was held over in Moonglade last Friday. Many alliance citizens were in attendance, celebrating the ‘Love is in the Air’ festival with organisers saying it was a roaring success!

The ‘Love is in the Air’ cook off was held in the city last Sunday, by regular hosts, and culinary MasterChef’s, the Bei Fongs. A number of different dishes were entered with Wernon Ashington coming away with gold prize! An interesting entry from a local priestess, known as murder pie was entered – hopefully just a catchy name, rather than evidence for the guards! Well done to all who entered.

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