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High Magistrate Suspended

Reports have come to the ‘Stormwind Times’ that Stormwind City’s Lady High Magistrate, Ariah Rolandson, has been suspended by the Senior Magistrate council with immediate effect. Ms. Rolandson is under investigation after her involvement in the Terrasha Dawnborn case. It is believed that Ms. Rolandson was seen to be aiding Ms. Dawnborn, and was sympathetic to the case – leading to a potentially unfair trial. The magistrate’s council are also said to be looking in to Commander Nakama Atlan’s involvement too, with regards to a potential jail break of Ms. Dawnborn. Rumours of unlawful behaviour from the Guard HQ, where Ms. Dawnborn is being kept, are flying all over the city and the Commander has not quashed these rumours, after he was seen in the city halls arguing with the representative from the magistrates council late into Sunday evening. It seems a verdict on Ms. Dawnborns case has already been reached, with her being found guilty of High Treason.

Ms. Rolandson had been in the post of High Magistrate for little over a month having been a lay-magistrate early last year, and back in a temporary capacity this year. The position of High Magistrate had been vacant for some time prior to Ms. Rolandsons appointment. The previous office bearer was Lady High Magistrate, Ashela Clayton. However Ms. Clayton has been abroad this past year fighting in Stormwinds wars. She was appointed by the senior magistrate’s council into the position but failed to earn the support of the council throughout the Dawnborn case and was suspended with immediate effect.

During her time as High Magistrate, Ms. Rolandson was actively seeking new trainees, as well as looking to reform and fine tune the system. Rumours that she was fraternizing with Guard officers were abound but lacked any formal proof. Ms. Rolandson was last seen on Sunday, and hasn’t been available for comment since. It is believed that once Ms. Dawnborns case is resolved, that Ms. Rolandson will be reinstated to the position of High Magistrate.

Shots Fired!

A seemingly peaceful evening in the Cathedral Square on Sunday was interrupted by a number of gunshots. At least three shots were heard, with witnesses noticing three injured people. One guard was hit, along with members of the Order of the Silver Hand, who were in the area. A male in guard uniform was seen fleeing the scene, and was assisted by two mageguards as he neared the harbour. Knights of the Silver Hand were seen chasing down the guards and apprehending them.

Questions were raised over why the Silver Hand and the Guard would be fighting, however the ‘Times’ believes it is to do with latest information in the Dawnborn case bringing about tension between the two factions. Action was then seen upon the roof of Stormwinds orphanage, where a man was apprehended and was seen being dragged towards the guard cells.

Thankfully, no civilians were injured in the shootings and the guard have officially commented saying the ‘sniper’ is in guard custody.

Latest Tidbits

The ‘Times’ is sad to report the death of a salesman last week. Mercutio Hamlet, a merchant of Lakeshire, was known for trading in the two cities of Stormwind and Ironforge. Famous for selling rugs and carpets, he always worked during war and peace. Passing away at the ripe old age of 84, his remembrance service will take place next Saturday.

A radical naysayer was heard preaching by the Lions Rest last week, about a coming doom to Azeroth. The Dwarf, who wished to remain nameless, was telling gathered crowds about a shadow that was coming and that people who we thought were deceased will come back to haunt us in some sort of undead apocalypse. The general consensus from the gathered crowd was that he was a ‘raving loony’.

A Mister Brown, of Stormwinds Running Group, has got in touch asking citizens if they’d be interested in a physical competition he was calling ‘The Olympics’. It would be a day of various tasks where people would compete in running, lifting, jumping and wrestling competitions. Anyone interested should mail the ‘Times’ for information.

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