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A Knight Shot!

It wouldn’t be a week in Stormwind, without some sort of gunshot attack. A shot was heard down by the docks late on Sunday evening. Reports suggest that it was an assassination attempt on Lord Gregoir Daltharion, of the Silver Hand. Whilst the shot was believed to be aimed at him, a nearby citizen was actually hit. The female, who shall remain nameless, was not fatally wounded and is recovering in the Cathedral.

Lord Daltharion’s men managed to catch the assailant, later confirmed as ‘Old Joe’, and take him in to Guard headquarters where he was imprisoned. Questions have been asked, however, of why Mr. Daltharions men had to catch the perpetrator and not City Guards – suggesting that not enough guards are on the beat protecting fair citizens of the city.

Later that evening, it was confirmed that the would be assassin had died in guard holding cells. Reports suggest nothing suspicious and that the man had taken his own life. The frequency of shootings has led to citizens worrying that there could be a rise of Republicans again, as similar shootings started the last rise a number of years ago.

Get the Till, Mann!

The ‘Times’ reported a shooting in the Cathedral Square a number of weeks ago. The ‘shooter’ was caught and jailed. We can now reveal his name to be a Mr. Thomas Tillmann. The gentleman, who appears to be in his late twenties, was caught on the scene and has been held prisoner in the guard cells this past couple weeks, awaiting trial. Mr. Tillmann admitted to the shooting in the square, as well as a shooting near the Pig and Whistle Tavern last month, where a guard was injured, and an earlier incident, before Winterveil, near the embassy on the outskirts of the city, where the Silver Hand were targetted.

The trial of Mr. Tillmann was held last Friday. The ‘Times’ was fortunate enough to be at the trial, which was led by Magistrate Kaitlan Graham, and overseen be High Magistrate Ariah Rolandson. Mr. Tillmann was found not guilty on all counts of murder and assault. This lead to some outrage from members of the community who had in fact been targeted by the gunman, claiming that the justice system was corrupt when the evidence seemed to be so damming.

Mr. Tillmann was allowed to walk free, after a check-up from the cathedral and has actually been seen working with guards of late, giving further hints of corruption.

Latest Tidbits

An interesting sight was seen last week, as a citizen reports to the ‘Times’, at the Guard headquarters. It appears that a young human was blushing over Lord Strorm Trueguard before she then threw up a dark oozy like substance. The substance then turned in to some sort of bird, like a crow, before taking off. The redheaded woman had since fainted and Lord Trueguard gallantly carried her off to, we assume, the cathedral, where she is thought to be recovering. Stormwind City Guards are treating the case as suspicious, but have no real explanation for what actually happened. The bird is nowhere to be found.

It seems that the latest ‘trend’ of being controlled by the ‘void’ has finally washed away. Most citizens have a-void-ed the worst of it, but those that did catch it said it was relief from everyday life, to not have to think for yourself. It seems the advice from our handy leaflet did the trick for most. Telling the void not to enter you, mixed with the handy ointment of bruiseweed and earthroot has helped keep the mind free – for those that wanted it!

The ‘Stormwind Times’ is looking for a new member of the team. The main jobs of the newest member will be to get tea or coffee for the rest of team, however we’d also like to offer them a position of correspondence. This could be replying to fan mail, answering official letters or even setting up their own column for personal problems that readers could write in about. If you are interested, contact Sprizzle McPhrizzle via letter.

A Stormwind City Guard poster sits here, asking for new recruits. Recruitment is 8 bells in the evening, on a Sunday, at Stormwinds City Halls. (||)

The Stormwind Times is edited and published in Stormwind City, Dwarven District, by Sprizzle McPhrizzle, GJS.

((If you want to get involved helping publish the Stormwind times, contact Sprizzle in game, or via mail!))
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