The Stormwind Times - Issue 7

Stormwind Times

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The Slaughtered Wolf

A quiet Tuesday evening in the Slaughtered Lamb turned sour after a raid by the Stormwind City Guard was carried out. Charles Briggs, barkeep, was enjoying a pleasant evening with the patrons when the Guard came in searching for individuals linked to an ongoing investigation. The frightened barkeep pointed the Guard in the direction of the basement where two of the unit then headed. Although what went on in the basement is unclear, shouting was heard, and gunshots were fired before another five guards turned up and rushed in.

The suspect who was involved was a Mister Orlando Lancaster, local patron of the Slaughtered Lamb. The Worgen has not been seen since the situation occurred and reports suggest that he was killed during the altercation. What doesn’t quite make sense is the number of guards entering the basement did not equal the number that left. Some strange witchcraft at play.

Tyron Bristol told the ‘Times’ this. “Orlando was a real gentleman. He drank in the ‘lamb a lot and we became friends. What happened here is a real tragedy. Someone should get to the bottom this and fast!” Briggs, the barman in the Slaughtered Lamb, said that numbers were down since the incident, as folk were afraid of what was happening!

Cathedral Carnage

A strange occurrence at the Cathedral on Sunday evening brought panic to the masses as some sort of void creature was discovered. Knights of the Silver Hand were present on the scene and Stormwind Guards quickly showed up, trying to calm things down. Members of the clergy and civilians within the Cathedral were in panic, and Administrator Grace was seen leaving the scene.

The Silver Hand and several Guards were seen heading down to the lower levels of the Cathedral to deal with whatever was there and seemed to get it under control quickly. On the surface, most civilians and non-crucial clergymen were asked to leave and the Cathedral itself was put under quarantine for a couple of hours.

The Cathedral resumed normal duties later that evening and on Tuesday the Guards were seen investigating the source of the void – specifically the Mageguards. Reports from the Guard suggest that a void aura was detected within the storage rooms in the Cathedral, but that it was nothing to worry about and situation was in hand.

Latest Titbits

Reports have surfaced from Stormwinds economy sector that there has been an upturn in civilians getting out and about again, using local shops and markets more frequently, and attending bars and restaurants again. Local barman, Leofric Curtes, of the Pig and Whistle Tavern, reports a staggering increase in sales over the last few weeks. The ‘Times’ believes that the Stormwind masses are finally getting over the recent fourth war and are less concerned about the ‘Void’ than they were.

The ‘Stormwind Times’ has heard disconcerting rumours from the Order of the Silver Hand that there is strife amongst the ranks. A recent meeting between members was seen to be disrupted by shouting and arguing. One particular Knight seems to be causing some trouble after what seems to be a recent juridical decision did not go the way that was expected. The ‘Times’ would like to state that this just rumour at this stage and more information will follow.

((An OOC report – we hope that everyone is healthy, happy and safe with what’s going on right in now in the real life! What this has seen, is an upturn in players playing the game, especially during the day. With that, we’d like to encourage more spontaneous RP. Come up with some ideas, whether it be tavern RP, markets, crime, you name it. Just post somewhere on this forum, or the realm discord that you’re doing something (no matter how small) and get everyone involved. Hope to see you all RPing soon!))

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