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A Trial of High Stakes

A re-trial of Terrasha Dawnborn. Or was it an appeal? The acting High Magistrate, Ariah Rolandson, was given permission to re-open the case nonetheless and the trial was held on Sunday evening, in Stormwind Keeps petitioners chamber. The change in location, from the usual City Halls, was met with intrigue from the general populace. However, it seems it was to allow more civilians turn up. Thankfully for the City Guard, this was mostly friends and supporters for Miss Dawnborn, rather than those who were against her. For once, the City Guard put on a show, organising the chaos. Weapons were not permitted in the hall, and a line of guards separated the commoners from the trial itself.

The only thing amiss was the High Magistrate herself. Miss Rolandsons whereabouts is currently unknown, and her lack of appearance on Sunday evening caused quite the stir with the crowds. Some were even calling out for her to be sacked by the powers that be. Magistrate Kaitlan Graham was on hand to take charge; however, she lacked the power to do what was required for Miss Dawnborn. Whether legal or not, Magistrate Graham placed a temporary suspension on her exile, and allowed her to remain in the city on bail.

Whilst it was not the result most expected, it did allow Miss Dawnborn back into the city on a permanent basis. The outcome of Acting High Magistrates Rolandsons actions have yet to be seen though if it wasn’t for Magistrate Graham, it could have been quite a different story.

Silver Hand Sisters

After the failed trial on Sunday evening, Magistrate Graham reached out to High Magistrate Ashela Clayton to sort the legal mess that was going on. An appeal was made by Terrasha Dawnborn to overturn her original trial, which was granted by Magistrate Graham. However, the addition of Ashela Clayton as the presiding Magistrate was considered a legal blunder by some, due to the relationship between Miss Clayton and Miss Dawnborn. The two are both Knights of the Silver Hand. The court room failed to comment on the incident.

The trial itself went by with relative ease and Miss Dawnborn was unsurprisingly found not guilty on all charges. Following the council of bishop’s withdrawal of claims against Miss Dawnborn and the sudden disappearance of Sister Allison Grace all added up to the innocent verdict. The City Guard and clergy are all on the look out for Miss Grace, but no sightings have been made.

Latest Titbits

Another sludge monster seemed to appear on Sunday evening, targeting the Cathedral this time. Mother Ewyllyn Ashington seemed to produce this one, which turned into several sludge ravens. Guards and Silver Hand were both on hand to disperse of the sludge and Miss Ashington seemed to be unharmed overall. Clergy were quick to dismiss an infestation in the Cathedral.

A commotion was heard on Friday, again in the Cathedral, as members of staff and guards seemed to get stuck in one of the underground vaults. No one is quite sure what happened, and those involved are refusing to comment. It is believed that clues leading to Sister Graces disappearance may have been found down there.

The City Guard are looking to see who is the fastest in the city! The guard standard fitness evaluation has Guards running from A to B. Normally this is from the headquarters to the harbour. Civilians are welcome to come and join the test and record there score against the city’s fittest and finest. Magic is allowed, although it is recorded in a separate category. Speak to Captain Leofric Curtes to get involved.

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