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Special Edition

To Ghoul for School

For the survivors – relief. For those who lost loved ones – grief. For those who gave their lives in defence of this great city – a heroes memory. Saturday 25th saw one of the largest attacks on the city of Stormwind in recent years. Undead Ghouls, magically imbibed from that of Galorphar, Lord of the Black Claw, appeared in the city, in the early evening of Saturday. Those old enough to remember the culling of Stratholme will have been brought back to that horrible night all too quickly. Seemingly harmless crates had appeared in the city the day before, slipping through the fingers of the inspectors. It was from these crates that the mindless ghouls appeared in there thousands, terrorising the city and causing havoc wherever they went.

News of an attack from Galorphar was known, according to sources in the Keep, but no one could prepare for what actually happened. The ‘Stormwind Times’ was there throughout this horrible night.

Five bells (after high sun) – A rare sight, as the gates of Stormwind slam shut, leaving helpless traders and merchants to flee to the sanctuary in Northshire

By six bells – Guard forces, led by Captain Leofric Curtes, gather at the gates. Amongst the forces gathered included Grand Marshal Tyram Deoloras, of the Stormeagle Vanguard, and his unit, and Knight-Commander Strorm Trueguard, of the Order of the Silver Hand, and his unit.

By six bells – Guard forces, led by Commander Nakama Atlan patrol the harbour, fearing an attack from the sea. Amongst the forces gathered included Administrator Terrasha Dawnborn, of the Church of the Holy Light, and Tinkers Guard Commander, Coltron Fizzlewrench.

By seven bells – a figure is spotted walking towards the Stormwind Gates. It appears to be that of Galorphar himself. Around the same time, the first crates start springing ghouls out. Ghouls appear at the northern edge of the harbour, they appear out of the Blue Recluse, in the mage district, and they appear near the auction house in the Trade District. The gate forces are quick to intercept the Trade District ghouls, whilst forces arrive from the Mage Tower to battle there. The harbour defences hold strong, with cannon fire ripping the ghouls apart.

Half past the hour – citizens and defending forces alike realise the ghouls are not there to kill, but to cause fear and panic. On impact, the ghouls explode, causing a gas to linger in the city. It causes fear and panic in individuals.

By eight bells – the Old Town has turned to chaos as the fear gas spreads, scared and worried citizens run, flee or fight their way out of trouble. The Order of the Silver Hand enter from the south bridge, destroying ghouls in their path, and cleansing the district to the best of their abilities. Resistance to the ghouls is prominent at the Pig and Whistle, and at the Guard HQ - Guardsman Roberts leading the defence. Hundreds of ghouls start pouring out of the Deeprun Tram trying to cause chaos in the Dwarven District. Captain Curtes’ thin forces hold them off as best they can. The Mage District remains in chaos but the harbour seems to have calmed. Commander Atlans forces head to the Dwarven District.

By nine bells – Knight Jalmine Bronzewing, along with those unharmed in the Old Town calm the chaos, as Knight-Commander Trueguard and his unit head to rescue the Dwarven District. Commander Atlan’s forces seem be holding until another wave comes forth from the Tram. The defence is forced to retreat. Ghouls seem to be making their way to the Cathedral. The defending forces retreat to the Cathedral Square, as Galorphar himself is spotted.

By ten bells – most of the city is recovering as Galorphars forces target the Cathedral of Light. Onslaughts of ghouls try to force their way up and into the Cathedral. Defending forces make a last stand, holding strong as some courageous heroes target Galorphar himself. Many try and many fail to detain the enemy of Stormwind. Heroes are pushed back up the steps of the Cathedral, before a blast of light from the Cathedral itself causes chaos amongst the attacking ghouls. The demon lord is eventually struck and wounded. He flees the scene, seeing he is beaten. With that, the ghouls falter and are all slain.

By eleven bells - the worst of the ghouls have been defeated and pyres of smoke appear across the city, as the bodies of ghouls are burned. Citizens flock to the Cathedral for healing.

Whilst the city of Stormwind held strong, many of its citizens did not. The death toll continues to rise, with numbers unclear at the moment. The numbers injured is still being reported and is well into the thousands, including feared victims. It seems the wrath of Galorphar will continue, as the demon fled the city that night, who knows to where?

The ‘Stormwind Times’ would like to offer its condolences to the families who have lost during this horrible time. A donation bucket has been set up, raising money for those effected by this terrible event, and all sales of this weeks paper will be going towards it.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

As always, the Cathedral is a bastion of light, and it was more than that on Saturday. It was a war ground. But the clergy never falter in their faith. The Cathedral itself shining bright, destroying many hundreds of ghouls, as it emitted light from its very core. In the aftermath, the Cathedral and its staff were incredibly busy, and remain so to this day, treating wounded and feared citizens. Father Sarius Santana, who leads the clean-up operation said “At this time, the infirmary remains extremely busy. We are doing our best to discharge minor injuries as quickly as we can. If you were feared during the attack, do come to the Cathedral to be cleansed properly”

Other bastions of hope have sprung up in the city, with Lessi Varr, owner of the Pig and Whistle Tavern, opening the doors, offering hot drinks and food to those in need. The Bravery, docked in the Stormwind Harbour, remained unharmed and the crew are offering support to those effected. The Keep remained safe throughout and the King has been seen in the city, offering help to those effected.

A memorial for the fallen will be held this Friday, at eight bells (after high sun), in the Cathedral Gardens. This memorial is for all faiths, not just those that follow the light. All citizens are welcome to attend.

Light Matters

The Church of the Holy Light would like to offer its whole hearted thanks to its staff and volunteers over the last week. It is the busiest the Cathedral has been for many years and without the volunteers helping out, it could not have coped with the extra strain put on it.

A picture of King Anduin Wrynn, offering aid to those effected by the events on Saturday

((IC newspapers can be found in the Pig and Whistle, in the Cathedral and at the Guard HQ. Those with TRP-extended can search for players stashes))

((If you want to get involved helping publish the Stormwind Times, contact Sprizzle-EarthenRing in game, or via mail!))

((IC and OOC comments always welcome!!))

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