The Struggles of Fury Warrior Interrupts in M+: A Plea for Change

Dear fellow adventurers and WoW enthusiasts,

I hope this message finds you well as we continue our journey through Azeroth together. Today, I would like to calmly discuss an issue that has been troubling me for quite some time. As a dedicated Fury Warrior player, I can’t help but feel that our class is unfairly disadvantaged when it comes to interrupting enemy spell casts in Mythic+ dungeons.

As you may know, our primary interrupt ability, Pummel, is an ability with melee range. This limitation poses significant challenges for Fury Warriors in M+ scenarios, particularly when we are forced to dodge environmental hazards or affixes that generate swirlies on the ground, and swirlies are many in recent days. We often have to make split-second decisions between taking damage from these mechanics or securing an interrupt on a crucial spell cast. Moreover, it can be incredibly frustrating and feel like poor game design when a simple action like interrupting can fail due to factors beyond our control, such as latency or minuscule movement of the mobs. This not only puts us at a disadvantage but also detracts from the overall enjoyment of playing a Fury Warrior in high-stakes M+ content.

While we understand that each class has its unique strengths and weaknesses, it is worth noting that many other classes have interrupt abilities with significantly longer ranges, making it much easier for them to contribute to the group’s success in these high-pressure situations.

In the spirit of constructive feedback, I would like to propose a few potential solutions to address this disparity:

  1. Introduce a new talent that increases the range of our Pummel ability. This would provide Fury Warriors with the flexibility to maintain a safe distance from environmental hazards while still interrupting crucial enemy casts.

  2. Allow us to talent Heroic Throw into a long-range interrupt with some trade-offs to maintain balance. A well-aimed throw could realistically disrupt an enemy’s spell-casting, while adding another layer of depth and decision-making to our gameplay. To prevent this talent from being overpowered, the developers could consider implementing a longer cooldown for the modified Heroic Throw, ensuring that we carefully choose when to use this powerful tool.

I believe these changes would significantly improve the play experience for Fury Warriors in Mythic+ dungeons without providing an undue advantage over other classes. It would promote a more level playing field and enable us to contribute more effectively to our groups’ success.

I kindly ask that you consider these suggestions and share your thoughts on this matter. Together, we can work towards an even better World of Warcraft experience for all players, regardless of class or spec.

May your axes cleave true and your strength never waver.

It’s hard for me to comment on high-m+ content, as I personally only play at the 20-23 level as to fill the weekly vault. Yet, I never have felt that reaching my prio interupt targets to be difficult or have if fail to movement of mobs. Probably because I posistion myself as such that I can either reach with pummel, stormbolt or intimidating shout. With these three tools I can’t recall an event where I was pushed away and could not fullfill my stop of a cast. Be it AA scepters and books pulled together, or HoV TCs and mystics in the ball of death of maidens. I don’t fail getting my job done.

With this in mind, I really don’t believe warrior is at any disadvantage when it comes to getting their interupts done. Would having an ranged pummel make it easier? Sure. Needed? No, doesn’t feel like it.

Now to not just be all negative about your post, the idea of turning heroic throw into a stop could be interesting in itself - yet would contribute to stop bloat. But, if I had to design one it would be:

Titanic Throw’ (remade) Heroic Throw now does B (improved from A) damage, now knocks down the target on impact causing enemies within 5 yards to take C split amongst them.

Idea being to give you a unique ability with stopping power, yet not just a new stormbolt or pummel.

So to end my thoughts on this prospect. More stops are not needed. Ranged interrupt feels unnecessary and just a bid for more for the sake of more. If the case is that warrior truly is at an disadvantage in these situations, it probably should remain as such - one of our weaknesses by design. If not, why shouldn’t every single class have a 30y pummel on the same CD?

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i found a solution to this problem.

im not proud of it. But the answer is simple:
Go and play Ret Paladin…
You have between 8 and 20 yards range on your attack skills AND interrupt on 12 yards. Thats nearly a midrange fighter.

I feel like a cripple now when i am on my Warrior. And i noticed that i started to play my Warrior WORSE course i was getting used to the range from playing Paladin.
Losing DPS, having to play much more risky AND having bad group support…

IF we only talk about Pummel
Make it a throwing axe that have 12 yards range to bring it in line with other melees (like DH, DK, Paladin, Rouge, enhancer shami [wow thats a lot… just monk missing? , not counting feral here because a CHARGE interrupt really sucks])

As a warrior main I’d prefer having pummel unchanged with regards to it’s current functionality. Melee range pummel wasn’t a problem since the first iteration of WoW and isn’t a problem right now if you are smart enough to play around it.

Therefore, I am against OP’s proposition.

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I would rather get a talent that increases the range of our autoattacks and our abilitys to 8 or 10 yards cause we are the one wielding 2 long 2handed weapons. Makes no sense to me that a rogue which is using small daggers or other 1handed weapons gets an increase in range


This is not a make or break thing, but i agree playing on dh or rogue with a longer range interrupt is a very good quality of life thing. it is always annoying playiing my monk or war after.

A wider range for interrupt is not strictly necessary but it would often makes things a lot less needlessly complicated on different situations.

We used to have a throw weapon silence glyp long time ago they nerf it…

And yes when u need to cut in earthquake plus you are moving from fire and stuff in the ground is hard some times … but the problem is noticeable only in High lvl keys…

As Arms warrior main since burning crusade i could say to blizzard that arms warrior needs a Rework like the OLd champions in league of legends…

Just be careful what you wish for, you or might end up having a talent point shoved into your tree that you have to take and it ends up only giving you something pathetic like 8yrd range.

Cant see the problem. You’re already standing inside most target’s bottom, just click Pummel.

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