The Tournament of the Rogues | ONE MILLION GOLD AWARD!


Greetings, brothers in outlaw! The clan of assasins A’Mun Kai now celebrating our third birthday and we are happy to introduce the first international Tournament of the Rogues, which will begin at 25.01.2019.

Winner will get 1.000.000 golden coins. Your fraction or server doesn’t matter, except region, you should be on EU. Then only the sharpness of your blade is important for us.

Application for participation:


Registration will last until 19.01.2019

Main event will go using double elimination system.

For our foreign friends we will cast ENG stream on twitch:

Tournament Discord channel:



  • Only 120 lvl rogues allowed for participation.
  • Duels will be 1x1 battles on the maneuvers, using bo3/bo5 system.
  • ilvl of the participant in tournament duel shouldn’t be higher than 375
  • Before each duel the participant should choose specialization.
  • You can’t change chosen specialization during a single meeting.


  • 1st place - 1.000.000 golden coins
  • 2nd place - 350.000 golden coins
  • 3d place - 150.000 golden coins
  • People’s Choice Award: WoW token .

Good luck! You will need it.

(Mojomane) #2

I feel discriminated.


There is no social justice in the world of rogues :wink:

(Mojomane) #4

True dat.

Have you taken into consideration, that 3 days prior to your event 8.1.5 drops which will drop 385 gear from normal and 400 gear from HC?

Is that the reason for that restriciton?

(Infernae) #5

Very very cool! Nice initiative, hope it becomes a major success.


We want people up their personal skill and thinking about their builds, but not grinding highest gear

(Zayøn) #7


Its my chanche to get back the money i accidentally spent on AH due to my brain lagghing to hard! XD

good lcuk everyone!


Hey guys, now you have a Discord channel for the tournament! here u can ask your questions and communicate with each other!



Im up for this - will be integrering to test off the skills against other capable individuals :smiley:


Been done before :wink: (when duels mattered)