The toxicity of players with healer classes


I’m new to healing arena, and I’ve experienced a lot of hate / insults etc as healer in solo shuffle. What’s going on with the playerbase? Why does it need to be so toxic. Some healers are new to arena, without getting a lot of stick / excuses to why rounds were lost.


Be prepared to be the scapegoat in pretty much any type of content in the game if you play healer.
DPS standing in fire? Just heal me omg
DPS not popping def CD and dying? Healer wtf
DPS not using interrupt or any methods to avoid being shot/cast at? OMG this healer
and the list goes on. Just ignore them, don’t waste time and energy on those who don’t deserve it.



You’re quing into a randomly generated game mode

With random people

Who you can’t kick from your group

You can’t talk to them without fear of being reported

So yeah

You’re playing the highest responsibility role in the game in PvP

It’s your job to keep 3 people alive

So you can expect a few potatoes that die without using their own CDs to get mad that you didn’t 1v5 the game for them and carry their monkey madness


It is competitive game mode and “toxicity” or actually insulting/harassing/flaming is natural part
It is in every pvp game and you can’t do anything about it

It absolutely shouldn’t be.

Terrible take lol. You can take harsher actions and monitor the game. But sadly blizzard refuses to hire people for it.

I didn’t talk only about wow. Any pvp game is like that
Because it is competitive, even irl sport is the same
You can say it shouldn’t be, but nobody gonna change and start being family friendly

Blizzard games have less “toxicity in chat” because people are scared to type certain words and getting banned. In overwatch, for example, typing “gg ez” is considered toxic behavior (or used to be several years ago) and you can get banned very fast. However, in some game with billions of dollars e-sport budget and much larger playerbase, “gg ez” is basic emotion in the game which you can spam in chat

People automatically think that when they die it’s because they didn’t get healed. It’s also one of the reasons why SS queues for DPS are so long.

Healing as a whole is unpleasant. You either have to have skin as thick as a rhino’s or just not bother with healing.

Blizzard created this environment, and they work hard to cultivate toxity and spread it to every child and young man who plays their game

Gross Negligence of the most basic pvp balance logic

People are frustrated BEFORE they enter the arena, and are in a state of panic even before the games even start

People have no sense of security or control of outcome, or positive outlook towards the prosperity of their rankings

Because…certain specs are effortlessly eating up everyone else’s ratings, and making their efforts void

Its not JUST demon hunters and rogues, but you get my point…

You are simply absorbing the frustrations of an abused and scared community. Dont take it personal. Also, its naiive to think you can change it. Blizzard run the game, and they have all the right to deliver a poorly designed pvp game, and cultivate this environment

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Welcome to the soloq experience as a healer, big tip, don’t play it.

The PvP community in wow was always fairly toxic. Alot of people also has extremely inflated egos n simply cant handle the fact that they make huge mistakes n in doing so cost them the game, in which case its easier to pretend its everyone elses fault.

Its not even unique to shuffle, i enjoy wPvP n have recived multiple death threats from killing someone ONCE as i dont corpse camp nor kill low levels. Often times its even the high rated players who has a mental breakdown if they lose. Had a multi glad player spamming me for 3 days straight after i killed him ONCE in a WPvP quest zone.

Shuffle just enchances this behavior since lobbies tend to be extremely onesided and you dont have to actually be pleasant to interact with in order to play so there is no direct consequences. Normally i would suggest adding a “low priority que” where people who are consistantly toxic or ragequitting mid games gets thrown into their own que bracket for a certain amont of games n the only way to escape said low priority que is by not being toxic and not ragequitting for a certain amont of games, although knowing how the community works if this was implemented in a report system it´d be exploited by the toxic players themselves.

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