The Void from Aberus raid is unspecified

Deep into the earth there is no void,Seriously,Echo of Neltharion was the last boss of Aberus,those pools seems like portals when we go to Sarkareth room.We obviously seen Sarkareth using Void magic,he got transformed with cosmic,void power something that Deathwing never used yet he got first the whispers,right?.
And what is with all those chains seems to bee touched by void,last time i saw chains in Eternal Palace raid but there was water and no void.
All this void place from Aberus is obscuring my vision about this raid and what is even going on.The void is so silent even defeated,try turn music off at Sarkareth room,some strange noises are there.What Neltharion uncovered and didn’t speak to anyone?What was he really trying to do?

Let me explain then, It is the pure form of void basicaly, pure cosmic entropy. Yo see that when Sarkareth sends you to that Phase where you wander between the emptyness among the stars. Also it shows that Void is not this Evil and destructive force, You see Void is neccesary, it must Consume the creation, collapse it into one dense point of singularity again so cycle can begin anew. It is all over in the Lore that exitence in warcraft verse is cyclical. Neltharion uncovered the truth, he did not got corrupted, he went mad due to that truth, as Such cosmic truths are beyound mere simple Mortal dragon. Such truths are only reserved for Gods, in our case First ones, the architects of Creation. Look at real life philosophers that uncovered Truth and they all ended up depressed and had to rely on substancess which i wont name here as it is againt the Rules, but you get the idea. Truth does not set anyone free, it unravells your mind.


Indeed there are powers in the void beyond the aknowledge of the keepers and Titans that maybe we will not find out maybe,i guess the Titans and the watchers are to keep us limited,maybe the less we know the better,just like in our world,there are unseen powers,imaterial that cannot bee expresed in words,out of the material existence.I know what you mean with uncovering the truth or some truths,tough it is showned ignorance from those who live only the material existence,we are not just insects as many say that,are body is,but our mind ca go higher then oure world.

I would have said yeah so cool but in lore alleria literally goes into the pure silent void and stays there with locus walker for her training x’D

Sadly dw was just tainted by the old gods, as n’zoth himself says. Though I can’t wait to learn more about that room and more about the cosmic side of the void.

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