The War in Ashenvale [A/H-RP]

"It has been some months since the Kaldorei were forced from their ancient homeland, since the boughs of Teldrassil burned. A call for justice spreads through the survivors ranks.

A call that is to be answered."

Starting on the Friday the 14th of December and onwards, I will be hosting RP events and resistance themed RP through-out Ashenvale and the Barrens, based on the events of the Darkshore Warfront/Warcampaign.

This will begin with a partially timephased event, sailing to Kalimdor, and making our way through the barrens.
ICly this will be lead by Alystiel Whitebough, who will have [closer to release of the patch] been spreading word of the will of the High Priestess through the Kaldorei refugees.

As is per usual with events with SEV backing we’ll be using our simple roll system:
25+ 1 damage, 50+ 2 damage, 75+ 3 damage, natural 100: 6 Damage.
Alongside our more involved “Mana” system. [In which one spends 5 points out of 20, to boost a roll up by 1 Damage into the next bracket]

Furthermore, I will be utilising a system I tested during War of Thorns: a consistent enemy and allied force of NPCs, factional buffs and abilities, and areas of control, tracked upon a hex map.

I look forward to seeing any faces, familiar or not, and promise to deliver to a quality that I can be proud of!


Eagerly watching this thread for more info.

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An update! A small system for the Kaldorei side of events within Ashenvale.

Modifications towards our standard system, to help sell the feel of various Night Elf Archetypes during the campaign. All around, small buffs!


Blessings of the Bear: When attacking a foe in bear form, they will focus on attacking you.

Blessings of the Saber: You can begin melee attacking from a ranged distance when in saber form.

Blessings of the Stars: While in Moonkin/Astral form you regen Mana at a rate of 4 per turn. Even when spending mana.


Shadowmeld [Sentinel]: Roll with advantage when attacking from stealth. Reassume shadowmeld by passing a turn to slip back into shadows.

Starfall [Priestess]: When spending mana, your mana-damage hits up to 2 nearby enemies as star-shards.

Unrelenting Fury [Warden]: When attacking an enemy kills them, attack again.

Demon Hunters:

Vengeful Retreat: When rolling 75+ on defence, be it from Mana or otherwise, deal 1 damage.


Mana-Siphon: When attacking without spending mana, gain mana equal to your attack, on top of your natural 2 per turn regen.

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Keeping this thread relevent!
Find your sword and fight the Horde!

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This week I’ll give a brief overview to the start of Week 1: The main force will be sailing to Kalimdor and be making their way through the barrens for the first half of event 1. This will culminate with them meeting the elves already present in Ashenvale, and taking immediate action against the Forsaken.
If you are already in Ashenvale I will have to ask you to bear with me!

I hope to see you all there!


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This friday. 8 PM server time.
Stormwind docks for those heading west, Silverwing Outpost for those already on Kalimdor [this will mean it’ll take a bit for the DM to reach you, sorry.
Mail me in game, at Alystiel-DarkmoonFaire, or Deolaras-EarthenRing

Answers! Any questions can be asked of me here or in game, I’ll answer them. :slight_smile:

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