The War Within Beta Test Now Live!

The War Within Beta Test Now Live!

Over the course of the test, we’ll be inviting community veterans, press, fansites, friends, and family to check out the upcoming expansion and give us feedback. Players who purchase or who upgrade to the Epic Edition of The War Within will also gain immediate access to the beta and will be able to gain a minimum three-day early access to the expansion.

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Hooooraaaay! Finally!

Why you always have to start multiple threads?


Not going to lie. After watching the latest Bellular video, I’ve been checking frequently for any sighting of the beta on my Bnet desktop app lol

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The art is wicked but RIP Dalaran…in Alleria’s hands.

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I hope Thrall dies during this expansion.

I will give it a 10/10 if he dies even if the rest of the expansion turns out to be hot garbage.

That art tho… Nice

Can we get the art from the article somewhere as HD wallpaper?

And can we finally get some hunter changes, or are hunters going to be ignored for the 4th expansion in row?

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each time that i see Alleria i say this to myself. God turalyon is the luckiest dude in the game

Thank you Blizzard to lie to all of people who bought Physicaly TWW Epic edition 20 years. As it was promised and repeated in your topic, we are granted to be part of the Beta Test.

I dont see the box i bought in April in my IRL mailbox and any code in my Email to activate TWW.

Thanks for marketing lie

give them time I guess. I do remember them saying you whales will get beta and early access.

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Fulfillment Status: Unfulfilled

i dont think I’ll reciev anything until 5th


What ever.
0 hype for this exp pack nothing to look forward to.

  • No Horde involvement.
  • 3e dwarf race….
  • going from 6 dragons that we can design to 1 machine
  • what i have seen from delves its pretty basic feature like solo scenario’s.
    Actually wonder why people think this is going to be a good exp pack for WoW because i dont see it

I wouldn’t say its nothing too look forward too… We’re getting a really cool and badass female villain for the first time. And her intentions for us are severe…

Xala’tath wants Azeroth to end up the same way the Eterhals home world ended up… And they barely survived at all. They where reduced to literal bandadges to have a mortal form…

Of all the villains in wow so far I would say Xala’that is by far the most dangerous and evil we have ever encountered… Her intentions for us goes beyond anything we have seen before.

Also the transmogs we have seen so far from this expansion are :pinched_fingers: Not gonna lie… I want them badly… And I am also really looking forward too delves.

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Does that mean that collectors editions will start ariving next week?

They didn’t lie to you. There is no code for beta access, they just flag your account.

I meant code for TWW account upgrading, not beta code.

TWW epic physical edition then > Code > then available for Beta

No Physical box recieved > no code > no beta eligibility

Time for people that’ll treat it like a regular game, never report bugs or provide feedback, then give out that there’s nothing to do a week into launch! :+1:

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Death knights get mounted combat as one of their hero specs.

Nha people genuinly think the war within will be bad?

Get real guys…The war within is where they will put everything they learned from the Shadowlands expansions… and Dragonflight together… And make the ultimate expansion?

It’s not going to be bad… Blizzard doesn’t want it too be bad.

Shadowlands was the mistake… Dragonflight was where they learned to get too know us?.. War within? I have high hopes.

War within is where blizzard will show us everything they learned from the shadowlands and Dragonflight expansion… For sure it’s going too be good.