The War Within - Profession system wishlist

  My background, experience and point of view with professions: 

I have spent significant time on professions this expansion, I have 15+ alts with maxed out professions, gathering, 3 blacksmiths, 3 leatherworkers, 2 jewelcrafters, 2 scribes, etc, etc you get the point. Mainly crafting for my guild as I am too antisocial to spam trade chat and get my “free gold” as the devs called it, from crafting orders. I have been diligently farming knowledge before and after I capped knowledge on all of them, now
I’m only farming for mettle purely to avoid having to interact with the “Inspiration” stat by any means necessary.
I would rather spend 15 hours a week farming every possible source of mettle, on multiple characters to circumvent the weekly cap, than recraft 3 times for less gold and 14 hours 59 minutes less time spent.
That’s just how much I like Inspiration, that’s how far I’ll go to minimize the time I am interacting with another player to craft their stuff as they berate me for failing to guarantee their desired quality.

Enough about me, let’s get to what I’d like to see in the next expansion.
What I would love to be the next iteration in what I believe to be one of the best systems Blizzard has ever made. I love professions, I love the fully deterministic progression system.

  1. Fix the obfuscation of essential information.
    ALL reagent with quality stars tooltips should have the skill # they add to the craft.
    ALL crafted items tooltips should have the skill # requirement.
    When you type a crafter’s name into the personal work order the work order system should query and temp load all their stats, and show you the quality they can guarantee with and without Illustrious Insight, the % chance they have to proc higher, how much higher, and multicraft % where applicable. END SCAMMERS.

  2. Looking for craft/advertising needs more from the in game chat system.
    People are lead into using third party websites and discords and are running into RMT ads and scammers with no recourse.
    Improve the security of your players, save your support staff a headache and help both crafters and clients better find each other in game.
    My proposal is to add a chat window to the work order window with a separate chat channel for each profession, have those channels visible on the Work Orders tab of every crafter when they have that profession open and have notifications from those chats if they enable them.
    No more AFKing in the city just to be available for crafting. Spamming trade over and over is anything but “elegant design”.
    Here’s the scenario I’m thinking of: I want something crafted, I open the work order window, I select the item I want and I simply type “any crafters?” Crafters respond with their commissions, have those crafting related private messages stay in the same window to avoid confusion. The client selects the crafter they want and they get their stuff crafted minus the discord invite.

  3. Cross realm crafting. Big servers are feasting, small servers are in a famine. I don’t see the upside of server only crafting.

  4. Warband integration of professions, Ion Hazzikostas gave an example of a tedious process of sending resources to your alts. That example pales in comparison to what a crafter goes through to self source materials they can make on alts.
    Take the tech you just made to have the warband reputations/bank/currencies account wide and apply it to the profession window.
    Allow us to select and cycle through each alt at the top of the crafting window and let us craft without needing to relog 5 different alts to make 1 item.

  1. It is an idea that looks cool on paper and in real world realiti but its kinda sux fore crafters in game reality. One person can easy satisfie demand of entire server cos there is no cos of doing crafts no CD or limited uses per week.
    So perfectly optimaized advertisment system will kinda lead to scenarion like public work orders are now where fee fore crafts are like 1-5g

Fore advertisment system to work there need to be long CD on every craft or 1 person will just craft fore everyone

I’d like to see Cross Realm crafting. But restricted to friends and Warbands.

Full on X-realm crafting would just lead to level 1 bots spamming Trade chat on all servers over and over.

Whilst I can’t see why I can’t craft a piece of armour for my friends alt on another server.

those 1-5g crafts don’t bother me at all, they all expire as no one fills them anyway.

I have invested a lot of time in crafting and I still think crafting should benefit everyone else more than crafters and if blizzard loves crafters so much they can hardcode a minimum commission with the same dynamic system as the wow token.

As for crafting cooldowns I didn’t mind it when public orders had a negligible cooldown.
I skilled up my professions with my own sparks and darkmoon faire, I got barely any skill points from public orders before and after the change, I never even thought of public orders that way until I saw someone else mention it.

Public orders are bad because there’s no player interaction and personal orders are bad because the in game systems don’t facilitate player interaction at all.
Spamming trade chat is cringe for both crafters and clients.
If this is the best experience Blizzard can offer that’s just sad.

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