The worst thing atm for me

For me not understandable and absolut the worst is …the Lack of communication. We dont know any Motivation behind any decision in the past or what they are workig on. Nerf hunter couple Times and still no major changes for the top broken specs.
Nerf rogue dagger in the dark ( 100% Support this it was an awful Design) but still rets can range aoe instant global people? Since months…
MC Bug still in the game right ?
And i if they would tell us why, we could atleast try to understand your decisions.

I would not pay the sub atm if they wasnt classic. Hope you guys safe your balance and content Update for 9.1. If there is not enough changes i dont see shadowlands coming back in 9.2

There is no intentions to balance anything anytime this yust wont happen, they will yust throw random nerffs and probably buff pala, warr, and mage next. Communication lol even for GM tickets you will get automated respond. 60 % players quit allready 9.1 this game will be dead

nah they all come back in 9.1. Thats how it works for years and blizzard knows this. The game wont be dead anytime soon.

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