The worth of a man is decided by one thing only

Sanctum of Domination set that you got by buying runecarving gear speaks volumes of how creative you are

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Hm… They bugged the character select again as well.

the topic is worth of a man

I keep getting the green slime colour or the checked blue boxes - not sure which one suits me better! :thinking:

I’m a mini Steve Jobs with my black top.

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I’m sorry I’ve no idea who you are.

But when I care find out, I’ll take your opinion into consideration Mr Error 400.

Oh and just as an afterthought, I think you may be confused. This is a thread about buggy profiles.

Here’s the thread you’re looking for about tmogs.

I lost my bug status apparently.

beautiful as always

There are no purple buggy cubes

I’m looking super beautiful today!

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I wish this were a transmog…

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Looking pretty fabulous yourself there!

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You’re fixed it seems.

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Ooh it’s back, long may it last!

After a few months (Seemingly) without clothes, and a brief stint today as a black spectre in my heritage armour, it seems Blizz sorted my avatar out now…

I’m as radiant as ever.

but how does it rate on the women scale i mean my shoulders apperently become almighty place holders :smiley: and my whole armor turns into some black stuff …

The judge told me not to shout 0 to 10 ratings to random women I’ve never met as I walk past them. He said it was “rude” and “creepy” or some other nonsense.

I’m afraid I’m no longer legally allowed to answer your question.

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I fear that I am worthless then

i dunno i don’t even see your character … its just empty potrait