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EDIT: This bored mistweaver is fighting feminism
EDIT: He’s fighting China now

They just need to fix the GCD crap with soothing mist and the heals. Regardless of the other stuff, they broke the class when they made that clunky interaction.

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that gcd is basically the casttime

but did you played mistweaver arena this expansion?

pvp mistweaver is so dead, youre forced to play with arms warriors because ‘‘Mortal Strike’s’’ Healing reduction makes up for MW’s not existing pressure,

For Arms player a mistweaver is only his third best option (many even prefer rdruid for some reason)

; No arms wants to play with mistweaver

; PVP Mistweaver dead

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i believe they will do smth

Why do you keep posting this everywhere? It’s a crap link and says almost nothing.

What else can a mistweaver do lol

So brave! I never saw a monk does that

Sounds fair honestly

Guess what this mistweaver is also fighting CHINA

He just posted cringe

Want more?

The game is dead, bro. It’s a pain but it’s reality. I’ve been playing this game since 2008, and been playing mw monk for 7 years. Now the game and the spec is dead. Check classic if design fits you or abandon this game. It doesn’t worth time to wait for changes.

its sad how my fresh shaman has 3 times the survivability of my full rival mw

What the actual spaghetti is all this

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